The Rubic's Dome Inquisitor Campaign

An Inquisitor-Styled Warhammer 40,000 Rôleplay DARK HERESY Campaign for 28mm Characters

Delaque Overboss Xavier Rubic has carved a proper city-state for himself from the Underhive. But it has been threatened by not only Human outlaws, but an infestation of Orks as well. Ordo Xénos Inquisitor Zonei Mashtishaddu was in Hive Primus investigating use of alien battlesuits by Spyrers, and he seems to have taken interest in the plight of Rubic and his Men. But Rogue Trader Captain Jack Sparrow, provider of Mashtishaddu’s ride, has run into trouble when Witch Hunter Harrow catches up with the Radical. And the mighty Lord Inquisitor Pact’s legacy will certainly have influence over all.

This was my first campaign idea for when Inquisitor first came out. It now has a more consistent ruleset, but may need replacement players and warrior bands.

Prologue:Da Bomb

Chapter 1:Lord of the Spire

Wherever it goes from there!

The Rubic's Dome Inquisitor Campaign

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