MYRE3-1 The Doors, Part II

“Unbreakable,” a Living Forgotten Realms My Realms Adventure for 1st- to 4th-Level Heroes

Once you have found the connection to Downshadow that was large enough for the lizardfolk, Sting leads you into the sewers and catacombs. The place is even more of a slum than Mistshore, with tough gangsters rather than forlorn beggars and graffiti of “Corebit was here” and “For a good time, call Morthos.” “Home is in this direction,” the pseudodragon tells you. “Very deep. Must hurry.”

On the second day, you encounter the band of gypsies on the move. They are dressed in colorful clothing, and four bear an enclosed palanquin of exotic design. Many have bandages visible on their faces and arms.

Sting flutters over and perches on the shoulder of the olive-skinned maiden at the head of the group. “Natasha! What of home?”

“We have had to evacuate,” she answers in an eastern Faerûnian accent. “Are these the rescuers you have found? You are just in time—we cannot move as quickly as a war party. They will catch up at any moment!”

MYRE3-1 The Doors, Part II

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