MYRE3-1 The Doors, Part I

MYRE3-1 The Doors, Part I: Signs, a Living Forgotten Realms My Realms Adventure for AL 2

The bartender rings the dinner bell, quieting the clamoring patrons as he begins his speech.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. I wish my great-great-grandfather could see you all gathered here. He was near giving up after the risen sea level turned the Muddy Mermaid into what seemed like less than prime real estate.” He waves his dishrag at the puddles around the room. “But ever the entrepreneur, he found ways to turn the Spellplague to his favor.” He gestures to the derelict ship that has been incorporated into the building, then to the pit in the center. “The Mistshore’s dumping ground has increased our square footage, and mud-wrestling is now our featured attraction. And tonight, I’m happy to continue the theme with our First Annual White Cotton Shirt Drinking Contest! We won’t mind if you spill some.” He gazes over the contestants assembled in the pit. “It would’ve been nice to have a few more female entrants, but it looks like you’ve turned this into Ladies’ Night in the audience, so I can’t complain.” There are cheers from the female customers, who have already been served drinks. “Anyway, you know the rules. Everybody drinks every round, and the last man standing gets the prize! Ready . . . go!”

Note: Yes, I admit that this appears to have nothing to do with the blurb. Not all adventures begin with someone hiring you to do them. At least you meet in a tavern.

MYRE3-1 The Doors, Part I

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