Dungeon Masters Guild

Now that I’m allowed to sell these without paying any fees, I can adapt a lot of ideas. Of course, due to the lack of funding and time, the storylines themselves will generally be only playtested once, often in a different edition (since running the same players through again wouldn’t help test the surprises), so please contact me if you’re interested in early playtest copies.

“Domain of the Countess” (5?)‡: You find yourselves in a fiefdom fallen into darkness with the neglect and cruelty of its ruler. It falls to you to confront her to find out what caused the change.

“Down with the Ship” (1?): A different kind of dungeon delve.

“Extradimensional Return” (adaptable, ideal from 5–10)†‡: Cast adrift in the planes, you must find a safe way home.

Eye of the Deep (long-term campaign)†: Serpents and dragons, genies and faeries, the various ancient peoples wage secret wars in places across Faerûn. The fact that they don’t get along is small consolation to those caught between them. What has stirred up all of these disparate enemies at the same time? [As a long series of stories, it would take a long time to write it all up, particularly whipping up balanced stats for a legendary sarrukh.]

“Gallows Keep” (all levels!?)‡: The ordeals within will test not just your might, but your ability to discover the truth.

On the Trail of the Meatmonger (long-term campaign): A gnoll necromantic slaver leads you on a merry chase across the dark corners of Faerûn and beyond. [Although I’ve already run a version of this, it likely won’t be one of my early offerings due to the constant theme of torture.]

†Should probably not be “Pay What You Want,” due to heavy use of non-Open Game Content creatures..

‡Include possible temporary/replacement characters due to circumstances of the adventure.

Dungeon Masters Guild

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