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Now that I’m allowed to sell these without paying any fees, I can adapt a lot of ideas. Of course, due to the lack of funding and time, the storylines themselves will generally be only playtested once, often in a different edition (since running the same players through again wouldn’t help test the surprises), so please contact me if you’re interested in early playtest copies.

Also, it would help if you tell me if these creatures appear in official fifth-edition publications. I’m going to be a bit conservative about converting them to this edition, as any future official versions will probably ignore my obscure ones.

Speaking of creatures, these adventures will assume you have the core rulebooks (Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual). The campaign-length ones will also require some substitutions without Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes and Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

“Domain of the Countess” (3?)‡

You find yourselves in a fiefdom fallen into darkness with the neglect and cruelty of its ruler. It falls to you to confront her to find out what caused the change.
Pregen: Lunk (human fighter).
Creatures: Death’s head tree, pech.

“Down with the Ship” (1?)

A different kind of dungeon delve.

“Extradimensional Return” (adaptable, ideal from 5–10)†‡

Cast adrift in the planes, you must find a safe way home.
Pregens: Packrat (deep gnome? fighter?/rogue), the Sensate (lightfoot halfling? bard).
Creature(s): Astral searcher, astral streaker, bebilith demon (creeper of the Abyss), brain collector (neh-thalggu), dhour, foo dog, foo lion, hollyphant, kodragon?, shedu?, spectral hound

Forked Tongues (1?–10?)†

[Due to geographical issues and too many ideas, I’ve split off some of the scaly stuff. Of course, heroes who cut their eyeteeth on this stuff are likely to be in high demand for the later parts of the southern campaign as well.]
Creatures: Amphisbaena, dark naga, deep dragon* (purple dragon), Dekanter goblin, dusk beast ephemeral, fog giant, ghirrash shadow beast, gorgimera, gouger beholder, hunched giant (maur), khumat shadow beast, kir-lanan (black gargoyle, godless), kir-lanan eye, kir-lanan voice, laerti (asabi), marl, mlarraun (spitting snake, stone snake), ophidian (snakeman), ormyrr, phaerimm* (thornback), phaerlin giant, phaerlock, shadow asp, sharn*, spriggan?, stingtail laerti, thessalmonsters?, venom kiss beholder, water naga, yuan-ti holy guardian, yuan-tillithid, yuan-ti mageslayer. [When a society does magical crossbreeding and grafting (including with aberrations), it’s easy to throw in a lot of weird creatures without needing explanation.]

“Gallows Keep” (all levels!?)‡

The ordeals within will test not just your might, but your ability to discover the truth.
Pregens: ?

Narrowed Eyes (3?–20)

Lizards and dragons, amphibians and faeries, the various ancient peoples wage secret wars in places across Faerûn. The fact that they don’t get along is small consolation to those caught between them. What has stirred up all of these disparate enemies at the same time? [As a long series of stories, it would take a long time to write it all up, particularly whipping up balanced stats for a legendary sarrukh.]
Pregens: The Black Watcher (orc fighter), the Crotchety Old Faith (mountain dwarf druid/fighter?), the Inquisitor of the Elements (human cleric/fighter?/ranger?), the Inspired (human bard), the Twisted (high? elf rogue?).
Creatures: Argos*, arrowhawk, asura, battle horror, belker, black flame zealot, blackscale lizardfolk, brown dragon*, cyclopskin, dark tree, demodands, director beholder*, dracosphinx*, dragonkin, dunestalker, earth glider, elemental grues*, elemental vermin, examiner beholder, eyewing, fensir, fensir mage, fensir young, fey’ri?, fihyr (feyr), fire bat, flying fang, ghaunadan, great feyr*, hakeashar, ha-naga*, haraevor, huecuva, kaorti, khaasta, khaasta young, kuo-toa leviathan, laraken, lensman beholder, lillend, lith, marrashi, mordrin, muckdweller, nagahydra*, nifern, nishruu, overseer beholder*, poison dusk lizardfolk, pyrolisk, rakka fensir, rukarazyll, sandman?, sarrukh* (saurian), scathebeasts, siv, spark snake, sporebat, stone flyer, tatalla (the eye), tentacled torment, thoqqua, tojanida, tren, vaporighu, verbeeg, werecrocodile, wereserpent, whipsting, yrthak, zairtails.

On the Trail of the Meatmonger (1–20)

A gnoll necromantic slaver leads you on a merry chase across the dark corners of Faerûn and beyond. [Although I’ve already run a version of this, it likely won’t be one of my early offerings due to the length and the constant theme of torture.]
Pregens: The Avenger of the Thunderbeast (human paladin?), the Black Wizard (human wizard?), the Living History (hill dwarf bard), the Raven Lost (wood elf cleric?), the Seventhborn (stout halfling cleric / monk)
Creatures: Abyssal eviscerator demon, Abyssal rotfiend?, Abyssal skulker demon, all-consuming hunger, Anaurian mummy, artaaglith?, banelich*?, baphitaur, bariaur, cervidal guardinal, direhelm, doomsept*, dread, einheriar, ethereal filcher, ethereal marauder, ethereal slayer?, ethereal theurge (nilshai), famine spirit, feystag, ghour demon, gnaw demon?, haures? demon, hound archon, immolith? demon, lantern archon, kastighur?, lupinal guardinal, tall mouther, tanarukk brawler orc, Thayan knight, tomb demon?, unliving wall* [Although it appeared without the “un-” in 2nd Edition and a licensed 3rd-Edition product, I prefer to change the name to something less confusing, as it’s originally made of dead corpses.], uridezu demon.

†Should probably not be “Pay What You Want,” due to heavy use of non-Open Game Content creatures.

‡Include possible temporary/replacement characters due to circumstances of the adventure. Level-1 versions will also be included in case you want to start a character based on the concept.

*Legendary creature.

“Up the River” (11–16?)

Creatures: Xerfilstyx devil?

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