Snaga (eladrin 3 rogue)

The ever-watchful


Picture of a spriggan (redcap) from 4th-Edition Monster Manual 3?, probably by Steve Prescott. I don’t think Snaga has green skin, but I haven’t figured out how to turn it to grayscale in the programs I have. I don’t pay the extra for color toner, so this is the only place you’ll see it.


Difficult as it may be to believe, Snaga was born an eladrin, fair as any of those folk. But when the fomorians began raiding Gwynneth, he was captured and subjected to their magical experiments. His spellscar manifested itself in his hunchbacked physique, and he was also gifted with the iconic bulging left eye. Afraid that the Llewyrr were not desperate enough in their lack of males to accept their deformed son, he escaped through the portals below Mag Tureah, ending up in the caverns under mainland Faerûn. Even there, no one was willing to take him in but the Vistani. Their mystic was an old orc who praised him as having the sleepless gaze of Gruumsh, if not his physical might.

In his quest to prove himself in the outside world, Snaga found work as a mercenary for Bregan D’aerthe, keen on proving that his type of strength was equally valuable. He showed his quality by aiding Lolth’s creation of the Demon Weave and suppression of a rebellion in Menzoberranzan. After that, he moved on to other work, delighting to show his skills could defeat brawny foes.

Snaga (eladrin 3 rogue)

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