The, Buffy (dwarf fighter)


Played by Ms. Quinn, who at press time has not joined this group


Buffy The is a slayer who traveled as a pilgrim to Spellgard. In rushing a wraith, she received a boost of speed and damage (to her) from Zazzer’s crane operation.

She and her brother exemplified the characteristic gold dwarf indignation at being knocked unconscious, which suggests that they may have been born thanks to the Thunder Blessing and its aftermath to that subrace from the Scarred South.

Her brother, Buff, was trained in very similar combat styles. He defeated Aeryn and Ronan at the Muddy Mermaid’s First Annual White Cotton Shirt Drinking Contest before being slain by lizardfolk. Buffy then took up the cause of revenge, helping defeat the Doors’ lizard king and his retinue in Downshadow.

The, Buffy (dwarf fighter)

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