Z3AL0T, Innit (warforged warden)


Innit Z3AL0T is an artificial defender of nature who for a time changed names as quickly as Zazzer changes faces. His connection to the primal no doubt came in his original life as an elf, before a necromancer cursed him and transferred his soul to a metallic green body (which tilts toward the teal side of the spectrum). Five hundred years later, he still seeks his nemesis (who he thinks may still be alive), hoping to destroy him and recover his original form. He is cleaned by a mechanical firefly construct.

When faced with undead spirits in the Fallen Lands, he successfully protected his allies from any major injury (except caused by each other). He felt some kinship with the ghost Lady Saharel of Spellgard and hoped to free her soul and perhaps ask for her oracular knowledge in how to restore his own life. However, unable to deal with the Netherese yet, he instead took a tangent to Elturgard, working for the Dusk Talons in investigating necromancy-fueled murders and attacks on merchant caravans. His membership in that group may also be related to the long-term goal of killing Manshoon, leader of the Zhentarim.

After his transformation and all this time, it is uncertain how much of his mortal origins Z3AL0T can remember. Where was he born, and what relation did he have to Z3AL0T Mark II, a weaponmaster who fought and died in the Caves of Chaos?

Z3AL0T, Innit (warforged warden)

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