Clanggedon, Muamman (dwarf 3 druid)

Warrior of the wild


Illo by someone from a Warcraft RPG book, possible Alliance Player’s Guide


Muamman Clanggedon, also known as Marthammor Clangeddin to followers of the orthodox Morndinsamman, is a shield dwarf born shortly before the return of Faerie. After his family was driven from the mountains of Gwynneth by the fomorians, he was raised among the wild dwarves of the forests. After being captured by the creatures of the Feydark, he escaped Mag Tureah through an arbitrarily picked portal and ended up on mainland Faerûn. There, he heard rumors of a classic staging point for forays against underground fey, which led him to Shadowdale and the drow tunnels below. Although he was able to slay many dark elves, his dissatisfaction with a fickle fey in his party deliberately blasting allies with his arcane flames resulted in another battle once House Jaelre was defeated. Slain and looted by the alliance of the fey heroes, Muamman was returned to Faerûn with more vengeance on his mind.

Although he follows a shamanistic faith of the deities and primal spirits, Muamman retains his love of beating on foes with metal objects and has a grudge against all fey creatures. He reserves his healing talents for those who get stuck in with him.

Clanggedon, Muamman (dwarf 3 druid)

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