Belannaer, Nefilim (eladrin 9 fighter)

Warlock-knight of Myth Drannor


Illo of an elf ranger from some Pathfinder RPG book


Sir Nefilim Belannaer came to his calling after being rescued from chaos cultists by the god Shaundakul as a child. His sense of duty and honor led him to polish his ways in warcraft and arcana until he could return the favor by helping to protect Myth Drannor, the wanderer’s pet city. When he finally completed his training, he chose to cut a swath through the chaos of mainland Faerûn on his way to Cormanthor, leading him to an acclaimed inn in the Glimmerwood and so into a chain of events deciding the fate of the North. Over a year and a half campaigning across the Silver Marches, he defeated Lolth’s Darkening and saved Luruar from the orc hordes.

Nefilim is a gold elf fey knight who crusades against the demons that destroyed the Elven Court. Unlike the Coronal Guard, he prefers to block blows with a weapon of a traditional traveler or wizard, though he wears heavy armor along with his flowing robes, relying on magic rather than spryness for his mobility. Little does he know that Master Floshin has been teaching him the very pacts with succubi that were pioneered by House Dlardrageth and its allies.

Note: The 4th-Edition Dragon Magazine article about the fey’ri mentions no succubi and instead says a lot about other creatures that are still considered chaotic with whom they bred. But that doesn’t mean those tricky demon-impersonators didn’t secretly play a clawed hand in it.

Belannaer, Nefilim (eladrin 9 fighter)

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