The Red Grot Revolution

An Inquisitor-Styled Warhammer 40,000 Rôleplay Campaign for 54mm Characters

Even after a Waaagh! has been defeated, the Ork infestation will continue until every corner of the world has been scoured. Mechanus, as a shrine world of St Nirvana and relative manufacturing powerhouse, is too valuable to subject to Exterminatus just because of a few vermin, so they must resort to smaller-scale purges and surgical strikes to keep the problem under control. One of Mankind’s most valuable assets is the fact that Orkoids are willing to fight one another just as well as Humans, allowing Tenorktitlan to be manipulated by the Imperials. But who manipulates the manipulators?

I decided to make my own campaign concept for this because I had enough conversion ideas to make several Orkoid warrior bands (as can be seen as tags in the Characters section): Runtmob, Boyz in da Hood, Nargrub’s Kommandos, and the Red Grot Revolution themselves. Pretty much anyone else would also work as adversaries. For instance, the Next-to-Last Chancers have several characters with experience fighting Orks (including a specialist). The Kill-Team does too, but I’ve made them more focus on Tyranid-hunters (as they’d be more likely to encounter that race in Inquisitor, and to contrast them with the team that appears in Project Abdiel), and probably wouldn’t be deployed against a less significant threat.

On the other hand if I combined this with Scum and Villainy, they could be in the area to fight Abraham’s Brood and get caught up in this as a sidetrack. Both Orks and Genestealers have been reported in the Underhive of Necromunda, which could further result in the participation of the House Party. Of course, if someone else has ideas for the like, they could also encounter some more conventional warrior bands, like that of an Ordo Xénos Inquisitor or a Xenarite Explorator. Hēphaistos seems mostly interested in Tinboyz, but Orks are hardly his best target. …

The Red Grot Revolution

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