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I‘m also posting my ideas for Organized Play scenarios here. These (especially the titles) are extremely tentative; the higher-level ones in particular require me building enough political capital that they’ll let me deal with these major factions and issues, so they won’t likely be submitted for the open call. (Of course, if those of you who already have feet in the door want, I could talk about shoving off these ideas on you.) For the same reason, there aren’t any series, although I have used some recurring characters and themes. (Just in case the same characters might run into them, those are by default in order of level.) Many might even be better as modules or retirement arcs, but I’m even less likely to get a chance to write one of those. The main concern about the blurbs is to list as many of those related elements as can avoid spoilers, so the players (and in-character, their venture-captains) can decide which Pathfinders should go on each mission.

By the new faction mission system, I won’t be able to tell what there may be unless I actually get an adventure published for a season that’s already been announced, but I can have some ideas based on their overall goals.


Down with the Ship: Sheila Heidmarch sends a team to find the status of the previous delvers into a ship burial of a Linnorm King said to have worshiped Cyth-V’sug. Through the boggard-infested Mushfens and Thassilonian catacombs, the seekers may find some secrets more impressive than others.


The Good Doctor: A conflict between workers and anti-trust laws is complicated by the appearance of a serial killer. When a Shadow Lodge sympathizer becomes one of the victims, the Korvosan Guard invites Sheila Heidmarch to investigate in exchange for access to the Shoanti and Thassilonian ruins.

House of Lies: Sivanah and Desna teach that many secrets can be learned even from those who weave tales that are mostly false. But to infiltrate the tall-tale contest at the House of Lies within a Kuthite vassal of Cheliax, Pathfinders must survive the Silent Enforcers, the Shades of the Uskwood, and the rogues’ gallery at the event itself.

Powder Monkeys: Although the Gorilla Kings of Usaro have not managed to spread their reach beyond the Mwangi Expanse, their conflicts have allowed them to capture various assets, including artifact-caliber weapons from Taldor and Alkenstar. When Kaigon the Miscreant discovers a charau-ka stockpile in a ruin of the obscure dwarven culture of the Shattered Range, Pathfinders are sent to brave Aspis Consortium territory and sabotage the stronghold of Angazhan.

The Prodigal Son: Godfrey was an early Pathfinder who came to delve Ustalav, Geb, and Osirion after becoming obsessed with extending his existence. Centuries after being lost in the ruins below Korvosa, he stirs again, and Kreighton Shane asks Pathfinders to deal with this lost soul.

Up the River: Although Damiel is outcast from Riverspire, he still has some hope for the Morgethai family’s well-being. Can you stop Treerazer and Cyth-V’sug from expanding their territory?


We Be Goblins Free!: Chuffy, Mogmurch, Poog, and Reta have killed enough evil humanoids and looted enough beached boats to make them big fish in their current pond. Now it’s time to raid the oppressive humans of Sandpoint.


Age of the Last Omen: In 4714 AR, a whistle-blower reveals to Grandmaster Torch that a group known as the Harbingers of Fate is making one last desperate attempt to use an ancient Arodenite tome to return guidance to Golarion by fulfilling a tragic prophecy. When Pathfinders are sent to recover the relic, they find that they have stooped to new depths, dealing with a rogue god of uncertain fate in the crow-haunted site of one of Absalom’s greatest occurrences of meaningless death.

Echoing Tide: Although the Taldan infiltrators were thwarted, the ghost fleet still awaits the signal to attack Absalom. Just to be safe, Adril Hestram decides to send Pathfinders to put the invaders to rest once and for all, as well as to salvage anything of historical value.

In Another Life: There have always been tensions between the Chelish colonists of Korvosa and the Shoanti barbarians. But the fight against civilization musters the Lamashtan goblins and old enemies from across the Nidalese border and threatens to destroy even the remains of Thassilon, forcing Venture-Captain Jeggare to side with the Order of the Nail.

Masks of the Many Gods: The imperial court of Taldor is the place to be for debauched masquerades, and the Pathfinders have done enough services to the throne to garner a few invitations to the Grand Prince’s own ball at a Cassomir estate. Besides the courtiers, Ulfen Guard, and diplomats, clergy of Alseta, Nethys, Norgorber, Razmir, and Sivanah are honored guests (while Lamashtu and Rovagug didn’t respond to the invitation), and all such deities are likely to have knowledge of interest to the Seekers of Secrets. What can you glean from high (and low) society?


The Horn of Plenty: The Shadow War for the City at the Center of the World comes to a head through the machinations of the scions of the great Andoren, Chelish, Osirian, and Taldan houses. But the varlokkur and hotspurs have competition as Mendhir the Colossus sends agents on the hunt through the Arcanamirium and the Flotsam Graveyard for one of the artifacts that are the foundation of Absalom itself.

1,400 Years of Winter: The next ruler of Irrisen has been belatedly crowned. Sheila Heidmarch sees this as a perfect time to repair the relationship between the Pathfinders and the throne after the Shades of Ice incident, so she sends Pathfinders to help out the new administration against holdouts and possibly even old Kuthite enemies.

Whispers in the Dark: The crusades of Aroden and his heralds were never final victories thanks to the fact that Tar-Baphon could only be sealed away. But the lich-king’s last hope is also the chance to defeat him, as resigning his phylactery to the vault below the Grand Lodge would keep ever over him the threat of a one-way ticket to the Boneyard. The servants of the Whispering Way and the goddess and demon lords of undeath will fight to the last breath to save their tyrant, but the best of the Shining and Silver Crusades will give them a run for their money.

Ye Gods: Rahadoum’s Pure Legion long ago struck a Mwangi temple to Desna and Gozreh from the pages of history. But a Pathfinder excavation finds that it is still subject to the trespasses of not only the five deities of the Order of the Godclaw, but also the spawn of the Rough Beast.

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