MYRE3-1 Mandorcai's Magnificent Mansion

A Living Forgotten Realms My Realms Adventure Set in Baldur’s Gate for Hero Levels 4 to 7

The district of Bloomridge in Baldur’s Gate is a marvel of magical and mundane architecture, built into and up the sides of the city’s old curtain wall. This cost is passed on to the tenants and the customers of the expensive businesses here. Fortunately, the Zakharan coffee at this particular suspended cafĂ© is a treat by the individual who invited you.

“Thanks for meeting me,” the ugly, horned, hunchbacked woman opens. “This city is the symbol of the Tethyrian dream, where any man can become a guildmaster and mercenaries have been permanently hired as the official city guard. Waterdeep let itself become a playground for masked lords, but it was hit by the Spellplague while we grew beyond what anyone thought was possible. This district shows what effort can achieve over birth, and I’m treating this pleasant business lunch to show you that.”

She points a claw across the veranda to the next building over. In contrast to the rest of the district, its fine appointments lie in disarray, shingles missing and ivy growing wild. "The next-door neighbor is one of the success stories, at least at the beginning. My friend Mandorcai was a tiefling, a man shunned, like me, by others because of presumed descent from lost and evil gods of the east. After the previous owner of that section of wall died under mysterious circumstances, he bought the lot from the bereaved son and literally built the mansion overnight with the help of a gold dwarf architect from the Gemstone chaka of Estagund. The Flaming Fist was never able to get any concrete evidence linked to them. Then, a bit later, Mandorcai and all his servants vanished, and anyone who entered the building either never came out or escaped with stories of supernatural horrors, as I did.

“Over the last several years, there’s been an occasional disappearance in the area, and the Flaming Fist Company and Grand Duke Portyr have given up on sending anyone in there. It’s only now that I’ve been able to get enough merchants to back hiring contractors who can hopefully clear out whatever diabolic or vampiric forces may be in that house. I hear some of you may even have worked with the Gemstone chaka before, so maybe you’ll have some expertise or a foot in the door that we don’t. I can pay 225 gold pieces to each brave hero who is willing to go in there. What do you say?”

Suspected Victims:
A human merchant who owned the section of wall, found exsanguinated
Mandorcai, tiefling merchant from the Old Empires, not seen since shortly after building the mansion
Three Tethyrian human live-in servants
The Estagundi gold dwarf architect, not seen since entering the mansion
A local Gur human prostitute, commonly cited for soliciting in the area

Testimony of Escapees:
Your employer investigated early on. Her valet was killed by some sort of lightning while inside the building, and the mistress managed to flee.
A Flaming Fist dragonborn guard saw dismembered body parts, including the head of the prostitute, before being ejected by magical force. She later left the company and Baldur’s Gate.
A kobold vagrant, when picked up by guards in the area, claimed to be the sole survivor of a group who tried to take shelter there. He was separated from the others when a door closed, then opened onto a different room than before. He later hanged himself.
All agreed upon a constant chanting in unknown language that permeated the apparently uninhabited building.

MYRE3-1 Mandorcai's Magnificent Mansion

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