MYRE3-1 Light Side of the Moon

A Living Forgotten Realms Adventure Set in the High Forest? for Hero Levels 1–7 (AL 4)

The elves meet you at the three standing stones formerly overseen by Thakk, the gnoll invoker of Sehanine Moonbow. The only signs of him now are the patch of skin with his holy symbol tattoo, nailed to a nearby tree, and the blood used to deface the monuments with Malarite graffiti. The stones that formed the cairn in the center have been scattered, leaving only an empty pit that looks as if it was dug by a pack of dogs.

The bound eladrin wears a grin, but the three wood elves are grim. “Between the damage this traitor dealt the silverstar and her trickery getting you to continue where she left off, he was weak enough for the Hati Tribe’s war party to finish their erstwhile tribemate off,” the hierophant laments. “I knew Lady Silverblade before she was indoctrinated by the gnolls, and she was a good woman. Nothing like the monstrosity they made out of her. She’s an example of the worst broken slaves: the ones who not only will work for them, but can maintain a semblance of civilization. I only hope the information she can get us will be enough to justify keeping her alive this long.”

“So, you want to know about the path the Meatmonger takes,” Silverblade confirms. “If anyone still alive knows about that, it will be our chief. They will never trust me if they see me as your prisoner, so you will have to release me so I can go and find that out alone . . . unless you have a better idea.” She smiles around at your party. “Oh, and I’ll be wanting my moonblade back. You don’t have any use for it, after all.”

MYRE3-1 Light Side of the Moon

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