Marienburg in Flames

A Warhammer Fantasy Rôleplay 2nd Edition Campaign for Starting Characters

In the year 2006 I.C., the Empire is torn between factions devoted to various claimants to the throne. One of them is Magritta, Princess of Marienburg, the country’s only major port. Here, representatives of the trading interests of the other three candidates brush shoulders with traders from the rest of the known world. Although many intended only to pass through or visit briefly, they are stranded for the moment by a storm, no meteorological occurrence but a massive incursion of Chaos Warriors into Bretonnia just to the west. While the dark ships make sea travel difficult, creatures of disorder such as Beastmen and Fimirs in the surrounding lands are also on the warpath, making travel into the interior equally perilous. For the moment, those within the city focus on the problems with each other and their surroundings.

Besides the wiki entry, there are also NPCs who may be important to the campaign.

Map of Marienburg—squished for some reason. If you want to see it in its true 800×543 aspect ratio, you can click on the button below it, but I’d say urban planning and traffic have more to do with travel times than exact distances, so it should work just as well for marking locations. One should also note that this is a map of a very optimistic idea of how Marienburg may look in the 26th century. The most obvious difference from now is that there is no Elf district zoned in the north; individual businesses may not yet be built, either.

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Marienburg in Flames

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