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Although I may not be publishing adventures for this edition while they’re already playtesting the next one, I’m allowed to make up my own anyway and give you credit for them! By default, I’m making most of them at good ALs for starting characters (who would be 1st-, 5th-, 8th-, or 11th-level), just in case. I was hoping to put the finished ones on my résumé, but apparently I’m not allowed to distribute them at all except to a co-author.

A couple of tips: 1. If I’ve actually created a wiki page for the adventure (even if there’s nothing there visible except to me), I’ve likely gotten some good work done on it, so I may be able to get it ready for a game day soon. 2. Most of the proper names I’m dropping can be looked up on the Forgotten Realms wiki, so you can see what kinds of story elements would relate to your character. Also, those of these that are related to each other are noted here (not necessarily in order you’d play them, as ALs are not set in stone):

Ancient Evils Storyline: MYRE3-1 Stirrings of the Ogre Harbinger, MYRE4-1 Eye of the Deep, MYRE3-2 Eye Spy, MYRE3-2 Versus the Giants (all), MYRE4-1 The Maimed God

Find the Halflings Storyline: MYRE3-1 Boot Camp, MYRE3-1 The Dark Crystal, MYRE3-1 Dark Side of the Moon, MYRE3-1 Eclipse, MYRE3-1 Fomorians and Tigerfolk and Bugbears, MYRE3-1 Light Side of the Moon, MYRE3-1 On the Back of a Crocodile, MYRE3-2 Prison Break, MYRE4-1 The Paths of the Dead

Red Ram Storyline: MYRE3-2 Prison Break, MYRE4-1 The Maimed God

Red Wizards Storyline: MYRE3-1 Into the Woods, MYRE4-1 The Paths of the Dead

Rise of the Runemasters Storyline: MYRE3-1 The Dragon Reborn, MYRE3-1 There Can Be Only One, MYRE3-1 Transitions, MYRE3-2 The Maimed God, MYRE4-1 The Paths of the Dead, MYRE4-1 Selethmeldoom

Scaly Doom Storyline: MYRE3-1 The Doors (all), MYRE3-1 The Dragon Reborn, MYRE3-1 Forked Tongues, MYRE3-1 Mandorcai’s Magnificent Mansion, MYRE3-1 On the Back of a Crocodile, MYRE3-1 Stirrings of the Ogre Harbinger, MYRE3-2 Dragon Hunt, MYRE3-2 tricolo, MYRE3-2 What Lies Beneath

Something’s Rotten in the State of Estagund Storyline: MYRE3-1 The Dark Crystal, MYRE3-1 Fomorians and Tigerfolk and Bugbears, MYRE3-2 The Cat Is Out of the Bag

Those that have been run (as you can see by the fact that they have definite levels) can be found in the Adventure Log.

Also, since the site I was using before has been having issues (some possibly caused by me), I’m putting related characters here. For organizational purposes, I’m putting the stuff you can’t take back (subrace, class, and level) in the subject lines for PCs; those with question marks are ones I haven’t started yet (and thus those for whom I don’t know at what levels I’ll start them). Those without levels given are the ones who are played by others when I’ve run; I can’t keep them up to date.

MYRE3-1 Boot Camp (AL 2)
Gnoll raids on halfling travelers are still distracting the people of the East Rift from the more pressing threats from below. It falls to the young and inexperienced to hunt down small tribal camps and deal with the demon-spawn.

MYRE3-1 The Dark Crystal (AL 2)
The ruling Datharathi chaka of Durpar has an art in working plangent crystal prosthetics that cannot be reproduced by anyone else. Since the merchants work with the Iron Eye goblinoids, there are plenty of adventurers who are willing to conduct industrial espionage against them by infiltrating the convict test subjects. The plan is simple: hang out with one of the halfling or kenku gangs until some enforcers come to round them up, then get yourself captured without making it look like you’re doing it on purpose. Getting un-captured, on the other hand …

MYRE3-1 Dark Side of the Moon (AL 4)
The Tel-quessir followers of Selûne (in her Sehanine Moonbow aspect) in the High Forest area are being targeted by gnolls and lycanthropes worshiping Malar. For outsiders, identifying the skin-changers may be difficult.

MYRE3-1 The Doors, Part I: Signs (AL 2)
A lizardfolk tribe raiding from Undermountain has taken it upon itself to purge scaleless ones. When heroes save an escaping pseudodragon, they are asked to help protect an isolated community in Downshadow.

MYRE3-1 The Doors, Part II: Unbreakable (AL 2)
Sting takes the rescuers he has recruited back to Downshadow, where the tribe of Gurs is on the run. The heroes have a moment to meet the gypsies before the lizardfolk of the Doors tribe attack.

MYRE3-1 The Doors, Part III: The Village (AL 2)
With the lizard king Jo’son defeated, the Gurs ask the heroes to escort them back to their home, both for protection and to join in the celebration.

MYRE3-1 The Dragon Reborn (AL 6+)
On your way between Cormyr and Thay, you are given information on the Meatmonger’s possible mentors. Castle Perilous was built by a Red Wizard lich on par with Szass Tam and Velsharoon. But after the destruction of the Orcus-worshiping Witch-King of Vaasa, a great dracolich and other dragons were known to frequent the area. Which was foolish enough to teach a gnoll necromancy, and what are the currently ruling Warlock Knights of Vaasa going to do about it?

MYRE3-1 Eclipse (AL 8)
The Meatmonger’s trail leads to yet another gnoll tribe. But the Thekite Empire is said to be different from others. What is its relation with Cormyr and the rest of the Thunder Peaks? And whom else may the heroes meet on the path?

MYRE3-1 Fomorians and Tigerfolk and Bugbears (AL 4)
The Gemstone chaka has revealed the recent movements of the Meatmonger. For convenience, the dwarves ask you to travel with a trade caravan through the Curna Mountains and Tirumala.

MYRE3-1 Forked Tongues (AL 6+)
There are reports of violence among members of the Platinum Cadre in Tymanther. As many locals would be liable to kill the dragon-worshipers first and ask questions of them later, Lord Tuanek seeks outside help.

MYRE3-1 Into the Woods (AL 8?)
Despite the constant threat of Thay, Aglarond still has tension between the humans and fey. When a demonic Red Wizard is spotted in the Yuirwood, heroes have no trouble finding patrons asking them to investigate.

MYRE3-1 Light Side of the Moon (AL 4)
Having killed the Hati Tribe’s slavemaster, the one who had dealt directly with the Meatmonger, the heroes are forced to deal with a band of wood elves and a captured double agent to find further clues.

MYRE3-1 Mandorcai’s Magnificent Mansion (AL 6)
With the influx in refugees from the Spellplague’s devastation of the south shore of the Inner Sea, the Bloomridge district has become the fashionable home of Baldur’s Gate’s new money families. But one of the dwellings built up the former outer wall has become a house of horrors.

MYRE3-1 On the Back of a Crocodile (AL 4)
The scaly gods of lost pantheons like Set and Tiamat are still revered among some of the refugees from the fall of Mulhorand and Unther. Venturing through this region, the adventurers must deal with them to find information on the Meatmonger.

MYRE3-1 Stirrings of the Ogre Harbinger (AL 8?)
The draconic and elemental creatures of Returned Abeir are restless. What ancient and alien evil is behind the seemingly random attacks?

MYRE3-1 There Can Be Only One (AL 6)
Imani, the Sage of Hap, has more clues to lucrative delves for adventurers.

MYRE3-1 Transitions (AL 6)
Associates of Lady Sala Nidris in Neverwinter are sought to retrieve an item from the Blacklake district. Supposedly a relic from the ancient dwarven kingdom of Delzoun, the sarcophagus has been claimed as actually dating back to the southern kingdom of Shanatar. A museum in Calimshan wants it back and is willing to pay top dollar.

MYRE3-1 What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse (AL 8+)
The Ashmadai and dark fey have failed their attack on New Sharandar, but both leave their stain on the victims’ souls. Helm’s Hold and the church of Sehanine Moonbow may know how to find a solution while also helping stabilize the ruins of Iliyanbruen.

MYRE3-2 The Cat Is Out of the Bag (AL 12)
Worthy enough heroes have finally been forged and mustered to fight the rakshasa threat. Now it’s time to return Estagund to the paragon of virtue it once was.

MYRE3-2 Dragon Hunt (AL 12?)
A frost dragon has attacked the outskirts of Tymanther, and the descendants of the dragonborn slaves will have none of that. Can you slay the beast and find its hoard?

MYRE3-2 Eye Spy (AL 12?)
Everlund expects to see the orcs of Many-Arrows, the fey of the High Forest, and the outsiders of Hellgate Keep. But when aberrant creatures of the Underdark make a retaliatory strike, can the heroes find out which group provoked it?

MYRE3-2 The Maimed God (AL 12+)
A vendor in Vesperin claims to have acquired the Eye and Hand of Tyr. This draws the attention of various groups, including followers of the current Triad.

MYRE3-2 Prison Break (AL 12)
A powerful ally contracts you to deal with Baphomet on his layer of the Abyss. The demon princes are fickle in their alliances, so perhaps you can save the innocents from the hands of the Bull and the Ram without too much bloodshed. Or is that just wishful thinking in the Elemental Chaos?

MYRE3-2 Tricolor Sisters (AL 12+)
While the sarrukh are plotting, the dragons aren’t just going to lie down and take it. Tiamat’s polychromatic forces are on the march from Chessenta, and it will take great heroes to stop them, as the gathering at the Council Hills lies directly in their path. Valkur’s floating temple arrives to bring fortune to those who will seize it.

MYRE3-2 Versus the Giants, Part I: Call of the Hill Giant Ambassador (AL 16?)
Adventurers are in the right place at the right time, as they spot signs of a coming elemental storm on Fimbrul: messengers are traveling from tribe to tribe. Can the heroes stop the alliance of the ordning?

MYRE3-2 Versus the Giants, Part II: Attack of the Stone Giant Warlord (AL 18?)
Whatever forces the giants could muster have begun their attack on the one peaceful town in Fimbrul. It falls to the heroes to break the siege.

MYRE3-2 Versus the Giants, Part III: Ritual of the Fire Giant Demagogue (AL 20)
As the elemental tribes muster for the next wave, heroes are sent to infiltrate the lair of the giant who organized the dark alliance. With his death and the freeing of the formerly dwarven slaves in his lair, the pawns of chaos should scatter, and his summoning of further elemental beings will cease. But how deep does this plot go?

MYRE3-2 What Lies Beneath (AL 12+)
Now that you have discovered who is behind all the reptilian mayhem going on, you can get to the bottom of it. It’s time for a showdown, to put an end to his schemes once and for all. As winter’s hibernation ends, the gates of Adder’s Heart open to admit new sacrifices, leaving the perfect opening for a black arrow.

MYRE3-2 The Winter of Our Discontent (AL 12)
An isolated eladrin city is slated to come to Toril for the first time since the Spellplague realigned the world with Faerie a century ago. Now is a prime time to visit for those who don’t have access to convenient interplanar travel. But all is not well in the home of the fey. . . .

MYRE4-1 Eye of the Deep (AL 12?)
Creatures of chaos are stirring all across and below Toril. Although Lolth is queen of the Underdark, there are other elder evils in the denizens’ traditions. The WeavePasha of Almraiven hopes you will be able to uncover any arcane secrets so he can use them for the good of humanity.

MYRE4-1 The Paths of the Dead (AL 8?)
Ala’Ammar and the Janessar seek adventurers to infiltrate and to disrupt undead enemies by stowing away on a Calishite ghost ship. Their actions could spell the difference between two syndicates with great portal networks combining their forces or swearing eternal enmity on each other.

MYRE4-1 Selethmeldoom (AL 12?)
As an undead illithid, the alhoon Selethmel has no shortage of enemies. When a ‘rrakma survivor reveals the location of the lich’s lair to Ala’Ammar, he quickly sends adventurers to attack in hopes of defeating a notorious slaver and looting treasure. But the fact that the githzerai was looking for a new team suggests that it won’t be easy.

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