Choriopolitan Arcana

A d20 Modern campaign for 1st-level characters

Free copies of the rules for d20 Modern can be found in easily browsable form here, or with more supplements here.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Midwestern city of Choriopolis has found itself the unlikely destination for Eastern European refugees from the conditions in their homelands. As their numbers increase, so does the outcry from native-born Americans. Soon, a new group of heroes will be thrust into this conflict, but not all is as it seems. . . .

This does not necessarily fit into any single campaign model for d20 Modern.

The campaign would also be pretty easy to enter, as it starts at low levels with the PCs knowing little more than the players do. I don’t have too many ideas for actual adventures, but that would be helped exponentially if we actually chose it and you gave me your ideas for characters to help me build the plot to include them. All of my human character ideas and seeds (which, as far as I know, I’ll never get to play myself) noted in my d20 Modern page linked at the top would work fine here.

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Choriopolitan Arcana

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