Archlords of the Realms

Chapter 9: Light Side of the Moon

MYRE3-1 Light Side of the Moon

This time, Ms. D’Estroya, Ms. Kri, Heartwarder Luck, Ms. Zaramovic, Grr, Metus, Raz’Ul, and Z3AL0T MKI were faced with moon elves of House Silverblade, lycanthropes of the People of the Black Blood, and gnolls of the Hati Tribe who attacked them without provocation. They slaughtered most of them, but only after trading Lady Silverblade back to the Hati Tribe with all her gear. After being with the Lizard Kingdom and seeing its fractious ways, she felt that the heroes’ victory would be a threat to her well-being and fled even though charmed. However, this trade got them information on the Meatmonger’s route on his last circuit of Faerûn, which came from the Thekite Empire in the Thunder Peaks of Cormyr.

Chapter 8: Dark Side of the Moon

MYRE3-1 Dark Side of the Moon

Druid Zaramovic, Justiciar D’Estroya, Grr, and Z3AL0T MKI were tipped off to the locations of gnolls by a moon elf named Lady Silverblade in the High Forest. After fighting some very touchy denizens (a gnoll invoker of Sehanine Moonbow and some forest elves), they found that Lady Silverblade had been captured. In the attempt to rescue her, Grr was ambushed. He blocked the entrance to a cave from which lycanthropic gnolls were issuing as he picked up the silver moonblade at the prisoner’s advice. It burst into flame, but with his kobold instincts, he managed to dodge the worst of it while the gnolls were burnt. The heroes slaughtered the gnolls and captured their erstwhile moon elf ally, only to find that the gnoll slavemaster had been the only one who had knowledge of the Meatmonger. They kept Lady Silverblade as a hostage in hopes of finding more information from the main portion of the Hati Tribe.

Chapter 7: On the Back of a Crocodile

MYRE3-1 On the Back of a Crocodile

Justiciar D’Estroya, Grr, Ronan, and Tharnell ventured under a desert, where they saved Iteru, a shifter servant of Okoth, from khaastas. She led them close to the city and inadvertently into a trap with the pretense of helping them find the location of the Meatmonger, not knowing that Skek’na would send his minions (including her, as he could control her blood) to kill the heroes. The sarrukh had a grudge towards Grr for killing his other slaves earlier. Grr and friends swiftly killed Iteru’s lycanthrope father and his pet crocodile and snake. Capturing the daughter in the process, Grr decided to take her with them.

Chapter 6: Fomorians and Tigerfolk and Bugbears

MYRE3-1 Fomorians and Tigerfolk and Bugbears

Morgaine, Grr, Ronan, and Z3AL0T (Mark I) helped the Gemstone chaka deliver emeralds through a mountain and saved the life of a half-elf named Huedyn who ambushed the companions. After protecting the Gemstone chaka’s investments from the slaves of the fomorians of Nacmoran, they took a job from the Maquar to spy on Tirumala and find the identities of two of the rakshasas’ agents in Estagund. It will take time to gain the support and proof to take on the rajah’s right-hand man, but for the moment, the heroes have the next step to Find the Halflings.

Chapter 4: The Doors, Part II: Unbreakable

MYRE3-1 The Doors, Part II

Ms. The (seeking revenge for her brother), Grr, and others ventured to the sewers below Waterdeep and replaced a lizard king while unwittingly defending servants of the sarrukh Skek’na.

Chapter 2: The Dark Crystal

MYRE3-1 The Dark Crystal

The dwarven memories (of the Gemstone chaka) record that Morgaine, Raven, Therod, and Dunstan successfully infiltrated a Datharathi chaka laboratory and stealing information on plangent crystal technology. The Gemstone chaka has rewarded them with information on the recent movements of the Meatmonger.

Chapter 1: Boot Camp

MYRE3-1 Boot Camp

Aurora, Clover, Raven, Grr, Grum, and Therod answered a job posting in Delzimmer about defeating a gnoll tribe that had been attacking shipping between there and the East Rift. They talked to Tilly i Pheriannath, the source of the bounty, who told of how many of her company’s caravans had been attacked, including once when her son and nephew were taken by the gnolls. The tribe’s trademark was that it took the victims’ footwear as trophies, since it was unusable by the raiders due to their leg structure. Raven convinced Tilly to lend the heroes horses, with a promise that they could keep them if they happened to recover the young halflings alive. The six adventurers then rode out to catch up with the caravan that had left that morning.

Upon reaching the stopped caravan, the party found that the defenders and pack rothé had already been slaughtered by a single monstrous gnoll, who was finishing off the civilians. Although Grr was injured, the heroes managed to save the remaining halflings by killing the beast and a sniper hiding nearby. They then followed tracks back to the gnolls’ camp.

At the mouth of a crescent-shaped crevasse, the adventurers met a group of the tribe’s warriors. They defeated them handily, breaking the champions’ tag-team by slaying the gorger and capturing the fang of Yeenoghu as the last survivor. The latter revealed that the halflings had already been sold to an itinerant slaver known as the Meatmonger, but that their leader, the demonic scourge Afoot, was in the valley summoning demons. The heroes chose to stop him, but their prisoner refused to go along, instead staying to guard the horses.

As the party reached the altar and standing stones in the center of the valley, they met Afoot, a Spellplague-deformed gnoll with a hump and a club foot. When he saw them, the gnoll finished his ritual by calling several abyssal scavengers together to form a rent between planes. Although the magic-users were unable to close it, the portal eventually collapsed in on itself from the uncontrolled chaos energies. Grum pinned Afoot down until the gnoll was slain, and the heroes mopped up the various Abyssal interlopers.

The fang of Yeenoghu had fled while he was unguarded, so the party returned to Delzimmer. Tilly asked them to help in her further investigations to find the Meatmonger.

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