Shooter, Ìmhear

An amalgam of two cultures


NG Ironforge dwarf wandering [HPG] hunter 1 / warrior 4 / wandering hunter ∞ of shamanism

Abilities: Spt, Agy, Sta, Str, Int, Cha

Skills: Knowledge (nature), Spot, Stealth, Survival

Feats: Extreme Abilities (Sta, Cha) [APG37], Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Racial Weapon Focus [APG40], Racial Weapon Specialization [APG40]

Class Features: Eagle? pet


Three-quarters Ironforge (from a long line of crossbowmen, musketeers, and eventually riflemen, as the surname attests) and one-quarter Wildhammer, Ìmhear spent some of his childhood on each side of the Eastern Kingdoms, listening to his elders’ tales and teachings; he ended up respecting both cultures. After all, weren’t the titans basically just another kind of earth spirit? Ìmhear prefers to rough it, both above and below ground, but his skill with modern technology makes him that much more deadly a hunter.

Description: Ìmhear combines Ironforge gear with Wildhammer adornments of tattoos and feathers. Although he prefers solitude and spirits to humanoid company, he quietly respects many paths, from the dwarven peoples to high elves, night elves, and shamanistic Horde peoples.

Requirements: A party not overly evil or arcane, perhaps even the Horde as long as he could relate to his companions’ goals

Alternatives: A completely different build for which I made the name can be found here. (I may still use some of those feats.) I don’t remember what benefits he’d get if he were a lone hunter.

Comments: I haven’t planned on any prestige classes, as they would be levels he wouldn’t be improving his stings. I chose the wandering hunter class variant because it’s more earthly than beastly, and I’ve used the normal aspects for my quilboar and troll hunters.

Shooter, Ìmhear

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