(human 1? druid)

"The cycle of death must continue, but I'll hold it off until the Oakfather is really sure."


This character was built as a new twist on an old concept, not a way to circumvent the rules, so I would be perfectly understanding if the DM ruled that he gets stunned when his companion damages a bloodied foe.


The Ffolk had been largely mixed with Tethyrians early in Dalereckoning, so they were relatively hospitable to their lands being conquered by the Northlanders, Amnians, and leShay. was born in the remnants of the kingdom on Alarion, into a family that just wanted to let everyone get along. He trained in herb lore through the traditions of the placid spirit Eldath, but was roped into astral religion by the clerics of her god-father, Silvanus. The Silvanites needed such compassionate individuals to improve the image of their wild church to the civilized folk, so … came to understand the use of force, although he prefers to use it as an initial deterrent rather than completely beating his foes into submission.

(human 1? druid)

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