A hero hatched between two cultures


I love the shifty power and would like to be able to build something that takes advantage of that. A striker would be the obvious choice, but as there are only four players, I would be willing to switch that to whatever is needed. A defender could use it to get in the middle of the enemies he covers, and a leader or ranged controller could use it to avoid being pinned down and get his powers where they’re needed.


Although the kobolds of the archipelago consider themselves proud descendants of the dragons, to the Unhomed, they appear as little more than vermin. There have been movements claiming that the native tribes are unfit to raise healthy children, resulting in Fratley’s clutch being taken into Unhomed custody. Raised from hatching to be a citizen and educated at the Citadel, Fratley knows nothing of his heritage. However, he has been brought up in a society of acceptance, and he is interested in setting out to see how the other side lives. As yet, he has encountered no reason to question the ethics of his removal from his parents.

Comment: As the DM suggested that players’ ideas could help develop the setting, I incorporated a concept from real history that I found intriguing (if not necessarily laudable). We’ll see how he and I decide to adapt this into the world.


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