Dunharrow, Dench (orc? 1? fighter)

Defender of the weak


Mugshot of a peon from Wacraft II: Tides of Darkness. As a D&D orc, he of course isn’t green, but I’m never gonna bother with color ink, so this is the only place you’ll see it.

Comments: As a knight, he could be used in D&D Encounters, but that would probably require him to be a half-orc, which, oddly enough, has less appropriate defender characteristics than a full-blood.


Dench Dunharrow‘s mother sought to bring him up in a supportive environment. But even in Thesk and Luruar, where civilized folk had lived side-by-side with orcs with decades in relative peace, there were still prejudices. A drunken guild thief spouted conspiracy theories about how the Zhentarim had planted the orcs as sleeper agents over a century ago, starting a fight that resulted in the deaths of Dench’s mother and, consequently, the thief himself. Fleeing the town, Dench swore to protect innocents from evil organizations. He was able to come his own thanks to the tutelage of a survivor of the Everwatch Knights, who trained him in the hammer hands combat style and the lost faith of Helm.

Dunharrow, Dench (orc? 1? fighter)

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