2nd Lieutenant Naa-Krump "Greenskull"


Inquisitor: High WS/I; Ambidextrous [He may dual-wield here, but he’d have to give up his mobility to do so in the Rôleplay rules], Blademaster, Quick Draw

Rules (Warhammer 40,000 Rôleplay): High WS/Ag; Acrobatics; Assassin Strike, Blademaster, Catfall, Quick Draw, Street Fighting, Sure Strike [would’ve thrown in Precise Blow, too, but Orks (even Blood Axe Kommandos) aren’t that precise], Thrown Weapon Training (primitive)


“By da power of Greenskull, I ‘ave da power!” —2LT. Naa-Krump “Greenskull”

No Ork is a better infiltrator than Greenskull, and he delights in slitting enemies’ throats before anyone notices. Although he’s a dab hand with a throwing knife as well, he carries a double derringer [sic] just in case he happens to come across some Stalker silenced shells.


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