Kaptain Nargrub "Boss"


Inquisitor: High WS/S/T, I/Sg/Ld perhaps even on par with human soldiers!; Boss (can use S as for Leader’s Ld), Leader [has this as well because he uses actual Human methods]

Warhammer 40,000 Rôleplay: High WS/S/T/WP, Int perhaps even on par with human soldiers!; Boss (as Command, but with S instead of Fel), Command [has this as well because he uses actual Human methods], Navigate (Surface); Heavy Weapon Training (Bolt, SP), Mêlée Weapon Training (Power)

Name Class (Group) Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt
Big Bolta Heavy (Bolt) 60m —/3/10 1d10+5 X 4 ~100 2Full? SAW, Tearing 30 kg
Six-Bolta Pistol (Bolt) 30m S/—/— 1d10+5 X 4 6 2Full Tearing 3 kg
Powa Choppa Mêlée (Power) 1d10+6 E 6 Power Field, Unbalanced 6 kg
Powa Picka Mêlée (Power) 1d10+5 E 8 Power Field, Unbalanced 6 kg
Powa Spika Mêlée (Power) 1d10+4 E 8 Power Field, Set, Unbalanced 6 kg
Choppa Mêlée (Primitive) 1d10+1 R 0 Primitive, Unbalanced 6 kg
Picka Mêlée (Primitive) 1d10 E 2 Primitive, Unbalanced 6 kg
Spika Mêlée (Power) 1d10–1 E 2 Primitive, Set, Unbalanced 6 kg

Nargrub is the biggest Ork (in both body and brain) who could manage to keep up with the sneaky gits, so he was the natural choice of leader, enforced by muscle and his Squighound, Gob. As with any Ork Nob, his specialties are bashing heads and making plans, although he leans more toward the latter than most who lead mobs of ordinary Boyz and work together with Warbosses. Beside this, he also provides the biggest fire support in the mob (since he’s the one who can carry it), with a fixed-link belt that functions as a brass catcher, a sling, and a shoulder massage. When he gets a chance to flex his mêlée muscles, though, he has the versatility of a choppa, a back spike (for punching through armour and climbing), and a spear point (for narrow passages and charging foes). When the Kommandos’ cover is blown, it’s safe for him to turn on the power generator and slice and dice even better. [I considered making it a hand-and-a-half axe, but it’s already complicated enough with the choices of three striking surfaces and two power settings. I also opted against a mono-edge to make it cruder.]


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