A massive axe-throwing berserker


Abilities: Sta, Str, Cha, Int, Spt; Agy (15–16) + 2 (for Fan of Knives [AHC47])

Class Features: Troll barbarian [HPG], rancor, small raptor pet

Skills: Balance, Climb, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Spot, Survival, Swim

Feats: Ability Focus (sting), Bull’s-Eye (shortspear or throwing axe, depending on tribe as campaign warrants) [AHC46], Combat Balance [SL24], Diehard [LM], Endurance, Extreme Abilities (Str (or Dex if I don’t roll a 15 nor 16), Spt) [APG37], Fan of Knives, Far Shot, Foe Hunter (high elves, if useful in the campaign) [LC175], Improved Critical (shortspear or throwing axe), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Ranged Cleave [AHC49], Rapid Shot, Ricochet Shot [AHC49], Ricochet Storm [SL27], Ricochet Whirlwind [AHC49], Trick Shot, Two-Weapon Fighting, Unstoppable [LM204,SL28], War Stomp

Gear: Shortspears or throwing axes, longbow, daggers, chain shirt

Off-the-Shelf Miniature: Aspect of Hextor (a few extra arms, but at least he has multiple weapons and tusks) (because D&D trolls are butt-ugly)

Ideal Miniature: Only Lord of the Rings Trolls have the right number of fingers, so I guess I’d take one with haft-holding hands, add throwing axes (?), and adjust the proportions. But what shall we do for a head? I need pointy ears and nose and two tusks at the corners of the mouth, but the latter may be easier to add. The best I have so far is the good old River Troll, but that may be hard to get these days. I could also add flock or sand to show the moss.


CN Zandalar Troll [MG] Barbarian 1 / Humanoid 3 / Hunter 3 / Berserker 2 / Hunter ∞ of Voodoo

Background: Shunned by his tribe-mates due to his indiscriminate berserk fury, this monster joined an adventuring party to hunt his nemeses. With stronger allies, he doesn’t have to concentrate as well to notice when his axes are about to go through them.

Description: A big-ass berserk troll

Necessities: Unfortunately, dire troll stats aren’t featured in any of the RPG books as far as I can tell, so the only way to be a Large troll is by counting as Zandalar or frosty [Monster Guide], meaning that he would have to start at 2nd level or higher unless a monster level progression was devised.

Comments: It was when an ally of mine was going through the Blackrock Spire instance that I realized that dire trolls are damned nifty (and their Ninja-Turtle-like feet look better than normal-sized ones).

I like troll accents, but it might be imprudent to use this in a campaign where one of the other players were Cajun, Haitian, or Jamaican. The berserker would likely be a forest troll, as his picture has more green than blue, jungle trolls are skinny, I like dual-wielding axes better than dual-wielding spears, and it’s just nifty to have symbiotic moss growing on you. He could join a Horde party to fight high elves, or someone else to fight the false Horde if he were a Smolderthorn or Firetree. His strengths overlap quite a bit with Jarl above, but fortunately his personality (and thus skills and feats) is quite different.

Alternatives: If D&D/Pathfinder books were used, the master thrower [Complete Warrior] would be nice, although they really should add some clause that allows you to use the free Snatch Arrows feat without Deflect Arrows (in D&D) or say that it works like Deflect Arrows (in WoW).

Development: Like Payne, this is a bit of a throwaway character.


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