A rat-catcher who moves on to bigger game


Rat-Catcher → Bounty Hunter? → (Mercenary† or Outlaw†) → Veteran† → Champion† → Assassin? → Witch Hunter of Sigmar Heldenhammer

Profile: Weapon Skill, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Will Power, Attacks, Wounds, Movement

Skills: Concealment, Dodge Blow, Follow Trail, Gossip, Perception, Prepare Poison, Ride, Scale Sheer Surface, Search, Shadowing, Silent Move, Swim

Talents: Fleet Footed, Lightning Parry, Lightning Reflexes, Quick Draw, Sharpshooter, Sixth Sense, Specialist Weapon Group (Gunpowder (so he can best use his prerequisite Master Gunner talent, even though he can’t learn to clear a jam without taking on a completely separate career), Parrying), Stout-hearted, Streetwise, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Swashbuckler, Very Resilient

Gear: Buckler, dagger, pistol, full leather armour, storm lantern

Off-the-Shelf Miniature: Lantern Bearer

Ideal Miniature: Cawdor Juve with Laspistol is sufficiently scrawny and has a rather cautious crouch as if advancing through the sewers (with his mouth wide open in horror . . . or so he doesn’t have to breathe through his nose), although the pattern on the hems of his scapular and loincloth will have to be removed so he doesn’t look Bretonnian (unless, of course, it turns out due to the setting that he is Bretonnian). The mask doesn’t really fit, but it looks nifty; since I’ll need the hair for someone else, I can putty up a cap (contrary to the stock picture, whose owner I’ve sadly forgotten). The knot in the noose can be replaced with a spare twin-tailed comet or other charm. For his hands, he’ll need a lantern (probably from the Mordheim accessory sprue, held in a spare hand), a buckler, and a short sword.


Background: Irmingild was often said to be too serious to have been born under the Piper. Of course, this may be a direct result of his troubled life. His mother was always of weak constitution and never recovered from the pain of childbirth; Irmingild took her care on as his personal responsibility, particularly after his father abandoned them from the stress of dealing with his ailing wife. The boy has spent his youth scraping out enough cash in dirty jobs to keep his mother medicated, in turn sacrificing his own social life (and grooming).

Description: A scrawny little Man in cheap but functional clothing

Necessities: Irmingild is made for a Skaven-oriented campaign.

Comments: This would be an interesting character to develop, assuming the campaign had the appropriate antagonists. He may be a member of the sewer watch in a city of the Empire or Tilea. Humans aren’t too interesting, but they provide the right blend of quickness, toughness, and luck that I want for this character. Unfortunately, he might not have the right appearance of being a scrawny little git if there are Dwarfs or Halflings in the party. . . . Also, I don’t like the fact that no Man is likely ever to be able to get Night Vision, except one in ten who start with it. The character has enough career opportunities to last for a comparatively long campaign.

Alternatives: If he happens to be based in Middenheim (although probably not as the start of Paths of the Damned, as I don’t believe that it involves much hunting Skaven, which is the point of the character), it would be quite good to join the Sewer Jacks [Ashes of Middenheim p. 29], which would prevent him from needing to be a Mercenary or Outlaw. Also, I might as well finish the Rat Catcher career since all it takes is a few profile advances to save me 100 xp on becoming a Sewer Jack. A similar character could of course be used against other foes, although this is the version that gives him his flavour. He could convert from Sigmar to Sotek without getting a new holy symbol, but where would he learn of the latter faith? I originally called him Sascha Rattefangfederblech, but changed it due to the difficulties modern English-speakers would have taking either of those names seriously.

Development: Early in his career, he would suffer some traumatic event at the hands of the Skaven (loss of loved ones, severe injury, being surprised by a Rat Ogre, subjection to mind-altering poisons, slavery, or whatever) that drives him to turn to hunting them as a Bounty Hunter (if there are bounties for Skaven), and maybe Assassin (if someone will hire him to kill Skaven—perhaps just treating them as Beastmen) and renegade [Realms of Sorcery p. 135] or mercenary [ibid. pp. 132–133] Witch Hunter. Appropriate insanities would include the Beast Within, Heart of Despair, Knives of Memory, Profane Persecutions, and Venomous Thoughts. I also left a loose end that his father may still be out there somewhere, which a GM could work into the campaign.


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