Mightiest of all Halflings


Servant → Mercenary† → Veteran† → Champion of the Great Maw

Profile: Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness, Will Power; Attacks, Wounds

Skills: Animal Care [since he’d already have Trade from his race—apparently he helped with the Rhinoxen, too], Consume Alcohol, Evaluate, Intimidate, Search, Sleight of Hand, Trade (Cook)

Talents: Acute Hearing, Coolheaded, Hardy, Menacing, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Specialist Weapon Group (Gunpowder, Two-handed), Strong-Minded, Very Resilient, Very Strong, Wrestling; too bad he probably won’t get Warrior Born without being an Initiate nor a Miner for some reason

Gear: Great club, dagger, helmet, gut-plate (count as breastplate?), leather leggings, plate bracers, plate leggings

Off-the-Shelf Miniature: Snig the Axe?

Ideal Miniature: It would be fun to convert a Halfling dressed up like an Ogre with a really big weapon. Unfortunately, I can’t find any bare-chested Halfling models, but Blood Bowl guys are close enough. The gut-plate may be an old Skink shield, although it would be nice if I could find a more Ogre-looking one. (I could, theoretically, fill in the depressions and make my own crude teeth.) I have plenty of spare fists, but I’ll want a spare butt-holding right hand (from here) to hold his weapon (a spare club from the Ogre Kingdoms command sprue, since it’s an iconic Ogre weapon and the swords all have fingers on their guards) slung over his shoulder. But what shall we do for a head? perhaps the clean-shaven helmeted one from the Chaos Marauders, minus the tusks.


Background: Giblet was the Halfling pet of a powerful mercenary Gutlord of the Feastmaster tribe [Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms p. 56]. He was as pompous as his master, pushing the other Halflings around as none of them could stand up to their masters’ regimental commander. But then one day, the Gutlord was killed in battle. Now all the other Halflings could laugh at Giblet, because without his Ogre’s protection, he was little better than the rest. So Giblet resolved to strike out and become a great mercenary himself, and return to the tribal homeland to show his power to the others. (While he was at it, he might try taking on his master’s bane, too.)

Description: Giblet is a (comparatively) big, muscular, proud Halfling with a bare chest and distinctive tooth-marks in his left ear. He doesn’t put up with people who disrespect his size or might. Although he makes much of his martial prowess, his experience up to now has been more along the lines of scrounging than fighting.

Necessities: It wouldn’t make sense unless he were allowed to take Common Knowledge (Ogres) and Speak Language (Grumbarth) as his background dictates, perhaps by the guidelines in the lower-left paragraph on page 20 of the core rulebook. Unfortunately, Giblet may be a bit too goofy a character for a Grim World of Perilous Adventure. Maybe I can think of a way to use him in Blood Bowl. . . .

Comments: Some time after noting above that evil races wouldn’t do so well, I realized that Ogres, on the other hand, are consummate adventurers and are tolerated in the Empire. However, as a nonstandard (and quite powerful) race, they may not be allowed by most GMs. It was then that I came up with this twisted concept. Obviously playing against type (for his race, not his player).

Alternatives: I also considered the Bone Picker and Camp Follower starting careers, but I think Servant gives him more of what he wants and less of what he doesn’t. Option: Distinguishing Great Weapons [Old World Armoury p. 37] would be useless (unfair to him) because he doesn’t have Strike to Stun. Advanced Armour actually makes him slower, because he would probably wear plate but not mail.

Development: According to the background, he’d start out as a Servant, then move into more martial careers to beef himself up. Pit Fighter was a priority so I can get Specialist Weapon (Two-handed), but that may be difficult to justify while adventuring, so the default would be Mercenary instead. He needs to get to Advanced Careers as quickly as possible to bulk up; if he happens to get the stuff he wants from Champion before retiring, he could dance around some other ones to fill in missing Talents.


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