Wood, Usk (human? necromancer? 10?)


A major aspect of this is access to reincarnation, a more reliable way to revive one, albeit one that can make the character unusable in his current class(es) due to the amusing random race. Since this would make The Complete Book of Humanoids indispensable already (the only standard option missing being the troll, perhaps rationalized by saying the character would be too dim-witted to maintain class abilities in return for ridiculous regeneration), it would be even better if I could pull him off as a mongrelman shaman of Meriadar (although then finding new spell scrolls and books wouldn’t be as cool), allowing it at 9th level rather than 11th. Of course, that would also require other optional rules, as no allowed race is normally allowed to get high enough in level that this class feature exists. Thus, it would be even harder to combine the two concepts as a witch doctor.


Usk Wood is a paranoid scholar just barely brave enough to delve into dungeons for knowledge as long as he has plenty of tougher allies in front of him. In return, he is happy to revive those who die in his protection, although not necessarily in a form they would expect. Usk believes that all races are equal in the pursuit of survival, as some of his attempts to perpetuate his legacy illustrate.

Wood, Usk (human? necromancer? 10?)

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