Seventhborn, Litch (halfling specialty priest? 10?)


The specialty priest rules in Monster Mythology may seem extraneous, as the required weapon is bludgeoning, and they have the same armor access and fewer hit points, but without it, he’d need one of the optional rules to exceeed the 8th-level limit for normal halfling clerics to get even raise dead, a major thing to prevent people having to build more and more high-level characters for such a deadly campaign in such an idiosyncratic game system. I could also just use the concept for a throwaway multi-class character, of course.


Where many halflings are cheerful and carefree, Litch Seventhborn was raised from childhood as a censer bearer for the small clergy of Urogalan, protector of the dead. He hopes to defeat the evils left by Acererak, and he is willing to call back others from their rest if they are still needed on the Prime Material.

Litch is a grim, shaven-headed halfling who dresses in armor and a pale white shroud. He puts no shoes between himself and the earth and wields a flail pitted after the style of the censer he used to bear.

Seventhborn, Litch (halfling specialty priest? 10?)

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