Teclis, Grigori


Used originally as a PC in Lair Assault, but may later be revived as Nef’s familiar


Grigori Teclis is a pixie vassal of the eladrin house of Belannaer. Unlike his Lord Nefilim, he is quite taken with the philosophies of Hell, and constantly tries to convince the patriarch to further the alliance with Asmodeus. However, as a bound servant, he will not go against his orders.

He was chosen as the perfect faerie to serve Nefilim’s cause by freeing a temple of Shaundakul in the mountains above Cormyr from evil. Always welcoming a chance to use the laws of magic to his advantage, he loaded himself up with the best pact spells and equipment that he could find for fighting in the skies, then joined the group of heroes judged worthy of going on the mission. Although he managed to make good progress breaking the seals binding the oracle while under attack from corrupted guardians and interlopers, he was not able to see the mission through to its end. He flew back to Evermeet to await his next errand.

Teclis, Grigori

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