Grr (kobold avenger)



Grr is a reptilian divine hunter who growls at foes to declare his oath of enmity. In his quests to unshackle thralls, he worked for the rulers of Menzoberranzan before traveling to the surface. He fought gnoll slavers in the Eastern Shaar, then joined the Dusk Talons, turning to the Western Heartlands and freeing Kelemvor’s immortal foes from their undeath. He also ventured to the sewers below Waterdeep and replaced a lizard king while unwittingly defending servants of the sarrukh Skek’na. So far, he has a quasit and a pseudodragon as subjects.

Grr then helped the Gemstone chaka deliver emeralds through a mountain and saved the life of a half-elf named Huedyn who ambushed him and his companions. Later he wants to go back and find her so that he can give her a honest job. He then went on to narrowly escaping notice as he spied on traitors and finding out what his companion with the dogs truly was (a future dead man).

Following the trail of the infamous Meatmonger, he ventured under a desert, where he helped save Iteru, a shifter slave of the sarrukh. She led them close to the city and later led them into a trap with the pretense of helping them find the location of the Meatmonger. Skek’na held a grudge towards Grr for killing his other slaves a lot earlier. Grr and friends swiftly killed Iteru’s lycanthrope father and his pet crocodile and snake. Capturing his daughter in the process, Grr decided to bring her with them.

they then got tricked by a moon elf, in the high forest. after helping the Gnolls kill a “good” Gnoll by accident and being tricked into a fight with some forest elves, we found that she had been captured. in the attempt to rescue her Grr got ambushed. he blocked the entrance to a cave as he picked up a moon blade from the ground. it exploded on impact with his his hand and did dmg to all the Gnolls around him (missing himself). defeating her we traded her for imformation and wiped the Gnolls off the earth.

On our way to the next clue to the Meatmonger’s destination, Grr and friends’ tents got set on fire as gnolls stormed their camp. The fire spread further as they beat back the 17 gnolls. Before searching for their lair, Grr played a female wemic (a half-lion, half-man centaur) of the Red Sleeve Pride in a game of sava. Grr flirted with her. She was nice and smart, and Grr might have fallen in love (:)). He promised he would get better at the game of sava before they met again at the Council Hills on the summer solstice. The heroes then went in the direction the surviving gnoll pointed.

Grr found some caves reading at the entrance “Two paths to glory: willing sacrifice and domination.” the caves were like a maze, it split into two paths, one tall and welcoming above but a maze on the floor, and the other tunnels. Grr chose the tunnels along with his party.

after taking a break fomr finding the meat monger Grr investigated a haunted mansion. after entering a room and teleport with a giant snake, he found him self facing his only weakness… fellow Kobolds… these kobolds were lead by a mighty Dragonborne and a Dwarf, along with a daemon.

Grr (kobold avenger)

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