Sparrow, Jack



Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl is a Rogue Trader of ill repute, even rumoured to be a sorcerer or wyrd, and to have acquired his Warrant of Trade through piracy. Contracted to take Inquisitor Zonei Mashtishaddu to the hive world of Necromunda, he was betrayed to Puritans by his Missionary and forced to walk the plank (at an atmospheric altitude). Still, he ended up better off than his loyal friend, Turner, who fell to his death when the shuttle jinked to avoid a missile fired by one of the opportunistic nomad looters. Now Sparrow seeks to find allies to help him retake his ship.

Model: I thought about this a decade before this edit, but all I remember is that the old Vlad von Carstein has a good coat. A tricorn shouldn’t require much searching, at least.

Sparrow, Jack

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