Glamdring, Minas Son of (Illuskan human barbarian 1 / ranger 2)

Crusader against the barrow-defilers


My second D&D Encounters alum, and the first actually from the Forgotten Realms.


Minas Son of Glamdring was scheduled to undergo his ritual hunt at the Runemeet of the year the Thunderbeast tribe arrived at Morgur’s Mound only to find it looted of the bones of Uthgar’s brother and the totem beast itself. The Uthgardt rampaged throughout the Sword Coast North looking in vain for clues. On the way back, Minas took a job escorting the crown of Neverwinter to the city, only to see it stolen at its home port by a Red Wizard of Thay. After fighting this necromancer (one who even commanded the corpses of dogs, the decadently civilized breeds of his tribe’s ritual enemy), he realized that the zulkirs would be the obvious ones who would want to steal the bones of his ancestors. Since then, he has worked with strange bedfellows and ventured as far east as Aglarond to find out about Thay. In the excitement of finally finding another Red Wizard and destroying some undead, he even declared Urk of the Cloud Rippers goblin tribe his blood brother.

Minas was a young warrior with the dark hair and pale skin of the Illuskan Uthgardt tribes. As he began to fill out his frame and lose the spryness of youth, he adopted heavier but still flexible scale armor to evoke the Thunderbeast. His dynamic battle style emphasized pushing the enemy around with his strength and holy power.

Minas comes from a family of users of the divine. His father was named an Elven word for “Foehammer,” after a Tel-quessir blade that saved his grandfather’s life, and the fact that since the Spellplague, Uthgardt priests have had to pray mainly to Tempus and Uthgar as simply a patron saint (where the tribe’s primal types evoke the Thunderbeast spirit itself). Minas chose the path that would allow him to use best his youthful might to take the beat-down to grave robbers.

After the Sundering, Minas ventured to the Mines of Phandelver and was killed yet again, this time by his tribe’s traditional enemy: wolves. He found himself starting from scratch rehabilitating his body and learning the ways of the current Weave. He is now moving away from Uthgar’s deistic father and going back to his shamanistic roots in the magic that helps him hunt and kill.

Glamdring, Minas Son of (Illuskan human barbarian 1 / ranger 2)

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