Dealer in death


The Meatmonger is the alias of a traveling dealer in chattel, food, and undead. He was supplied by, among others, the gnoll band of the Eastern Shaar that captured Ernil and Kalimac. He is also thought to trade with other necromancers and slavers, such as those in the nations of Thay and Calimshan. Seeking to avoid Tymanther (a nation of ex-thralls) and High Imaskar (a renewed empire that is determined to buck its predecessor’s slaving reputation), he uses a more unusual route from the Shaar east to the Beastlands and north through Deep Raurin.

There has been suspicion that his secret identity is as Clover’s Uncle Jack. However, when interrogating the first few eyewitnesses they met, the adventurers on his trail neglected to find out even his race, much less an individual description. However, investigating another leg of his circuit in the High Forest, the heroes heard testimony that he was a gnoll.


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