Daeävel, Albrandt (half-elf 4 fighter)

Master of blades


Albrandt Daeävel was born not just a half-elf but an albino, and he never found himself at home in Widowdeep or in Aurath (where, in addition to their difficulty with one obviously touched by outsider blood, the light was a bit much for him). Instead, he threw himself into the pursuit of justice by the blade, retreating from society to study the martial, divine, and psionic ways of battle.

On the way back to Widowdeep for supplies, Albrandt found that the recruiters for the duchies’ armies were on the move early. He stayed to meet them, hoping to judge which nation best followed the notions of justice. If the unworthy attempted to draft him or other unwilling souls, then he would have found proper foes to battle even more quickly. Joined by a ranger from Aurath, he encountered a group of heroes already in combat with one contingent of census-takers in the woods. After some confusion, he was shown that the priest wore a corrupted symbol of Bahamut and aided the adventurers in defeating the last demon-possessed. Although two of the humans survived, Albrandt’s attempts to help root out the demons hiding among civilians resulted in the deaths of two more.

The survivors were taken back to Widowdeep, where Balefor the Red Wizard required Albrandt to swear to serve the purposes of Ioun to be trusted to work with the Crusaders. Although he was leery of binding oaths to unaligned gods, he deemed such quick and decisive action necessary for the greater good, choosing to deal with any problems with conflicting allegiances and magical compulsion later. In preparing to trick the other armies into fighting each other, Albrandt was given a sentient longsword that the existing members had not wanted to handle. He then saw remained in town for a couple of meetings, observing his new wards to see who was likely to be the most trouble. He decided Merla could actually be diplomatic when dealing with residents of her hometown rather than unwitting pawns of the evil nations, but that odd twists of fate seemed commonly to surround even the most mundane endeavor from any of the heroes.

After Widowdeep was locked down through the magic of Balefor (with some help sent from the elves), Albrandt, the party he had joined, the surviving soldiers, and a satyr they picked up in the bar set out to attack the recruiters from another nation. The Crusaders had been outfitted in imitations of the uniforms of the first state, hoping to make it appear that it was that people who were opening aggressions. They ambushed the enemy while they were making camp. Although Albrandt failed to attack the general before he was assassinated by combined attacks of quicker and longer-ranged heroes, he did do most of the slaughtering of another soldier nearby, his new sword’s second choice.

Albrandt is a tall, strong man with pale skin, white hair, and piercing red eyes. He wears black drake-hide armor festooned with half a dozen swords of various sizes and shapes. He is fascinated by these aspects of the gods’ creation and their ability to destroy those who would destroy, but is armed as yet only with simple examples from his humble origins. He appears to have a particular protectiveness for the one dagger made from a drake’s horn with a hide grip. He wears hanging around his neck a five-pointed metal star with each arm stained a different color.

Daeävel, Albrandt (half-elf 4 fighter)

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