Afkor (human 13 cleric)

Dark side of the sun


Image of a Tallarn Desert Raider from the Games Workshop Website, probably designed by one or both of the Perry Twins and painted by someone from the ‘Eavy Metal team. He’s low-resolution because he’s hiding in a shadowy sandstorm.


Afkor is a descendant of the Bedine who maintain the old god At’ar the Destroyer (derived from the old Netherese faith of Amaunator) in defiance of the ascendancy of the Shadovar. His servitude in the City of Shade has made him a grim and dark warrior in contrast to the later Faerûnian religion of the Morninglord. Where other clerics may present a cheerful face to heal the world, he has what it takes to bring the light into the dark places of Abeir-Toril, as he did in assassinating one of the Shade Princes inside the Enclave itself, as well as when fighting to save an aspect of Selûne in the Ordulin Maelstrom. He further cemented his alliance with the Dark Goddess’s sister and nemesis when a team of eladrin adventurers convinced him to reconsecrate a Sharran spelljammer to her Sehanine Moonbow aspect.

Later, Afkor was hired by an elf (who would not introduce herself and may have been an illusory disguise) to retrieve hair of Mystra from a Cyricist/Sharran temple in the Forbidden Zone of Urmlaspyr before the Netherese took over again; there, he fought vampires from the temple’s former dedication, then servants of the nation of the latter who didn’t seem to know about his original mission, yet recognized the symbol of Torm that had been lent to the party for the mission. Upon return to Baldur’s Gate, they found that there was no Mystran relic, and their patroness was nowhere to be found.

Afkor dresses in simple desert garb in the old Zakharan style, a falchion slung across his back. He bears the mark of the Moonmaiden on the back of his left hand. Although ruthless in his pursuit of any advantage against the shades, he has been forced to cultivate his compassion to gain the aid of the Harpers. He further hopes to seek light magic to cleanse himself of the shadow that has tainted his soul due to his upbringing in Netheril.

Afkor (human 13 cleric)

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