Ankhalab, Set-Re (tiefling 1? wizard)

The Black Wizard


As an Essentials set of class and race, he’s another possible Encounters character. However, since I already have two low-to-mid-heroic-tier heroes who are focused on fighting Thay and the undead, he’s not at the top of the list.


Set-Re Ankhalab was found to have great potential in wizardry and trained to be one of the necromancers of Thay (now that racial prerequisites are relaxed), but was found to have too much compassion to be a taskmaster. His master took pity on him and snuck him off through the embassy in the the volcano in northern Chessenta to one of the enclaves of the exiled zulkirs. Now he studies the lore of dead gods like Bhaal, Kiaransalee, Myrkul, Nesharia, Osirant, and Velsharoon, and uses his powers of control to turn the undead against evil.

So-Kehur is a slight, unassuming man of Mulan descent. He wears his raven hair long to cover the tattoos at the base of his horns, but they can be glimpsed when he sweeps aside his bangs to peer at a tome of arcane lore. He is less sensitive about the green sigils on the palms of his hands, seeing them as a mark of a land where wizards are not allowed to run out of control. He dresses in black robes and keeps to the background as much as possible.

Note: I originally just chose the example Mulan names that sounded coolest to me: “So-Kehur Ankhalab.” I didn’t find until many years later that there is a Red Wizard named So-Kehur who is an in-law of an Ankhalab family. Maybe he’s related to them, but I at least thought of a new given name.

Ankhalab, Set-Re (tiefling 1? wizard)

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