Solitaire (eladrin 3 warlock)

Pale shadow


Illustration of a Dark Ranger by SATYR from one of the Warcraft RPG books


Solitaire is a wanderer who speaks little of her past, other than that she comes from an eladrin realm far away even by Faerie standards. She was for a time trapped in the Feywild with a small team far underequipped for the hazards it faced, but she expects she will eventually be able to make use of her interplanar mobility and the diversion of slower adventurers to work as a proper skirmisher rather than having to bear the brunt of enemy attacks.

Solitaire is a lightly armored moon elf with milky white skin and hair contrasting with cold blue eyes. She is quite proud of her appearance, dressing in fine leathers and furs, and looks down upon the “lesser” Tel-quessir races. She feels a kinship with the story of Aurilandür and hopes that her warlock pact with the Queen of Air and Darkness will help redeem the archfey, as well.

Solitaire (eladrin 3 warlock)

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