Brightbrass, Dathon (gold dwarf 1 bard)

Preacher of the old ways


Dathon Brightbrass‘s mother and her twin sister were born to Moradin’s Thunder Blessing, a population boom that brought optimism to the dwarves. This resulted only in their deaths on a meaningless adventure, leaving behind an illegitimate son. Dathon joined a conservative counter-revolution preaching the values of tradition. Late in life, he chose to take his message on the road and to use history to teach others wisdom. One gap in the histories is information about his father, which he has heard he may find in the North.

Dathon’s path soon led him to Waterdeep on the Sword Coast. As Tethyrian society saw bards as entertainers, he found himself working on the local theater scene. This led him into meeting with Regent Rauvin Dare of the college of New Olamn, as well as investigating an Asmodean cult when Corebit was unavailable. He was not happy with some of the deceptive practices he had to take to flush out the diabolists, and he continues to hone his proper skills to make sure they will suffice for any further adventures.

Brightbrass, Dathon (gold dwarf 1 bard)

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