Alerion, Corebit Delzoun (mul 1 warlock)

Pragmatic warrior of good


Screencap of a Legion of the Dead officer from Dragon Age: Origins, taken from the Dragon Age wiki. As with Snaga (eladrin 3 rogue), he’s not that coloration, but it doesn’t matter. Maybe sometime I’ll get around to using the video game’s character builder to get a better one.


Corebit Delzoun Alerion is the child of a human father and a mother of a shield dwarf clan that, like many, claims descent from the old north kingdom of Deep Shanatar, as well as Clan Azerkyn of Xothaerin. During his travels for an apprenticeship with another clan in Ironfang Deep, he was captured by duergar and enslaved for a time. In that Underdark city, he had access to his owner’s records of how the gray dwarves had used the power of Laduguer to escape their own servitude to the mind flayers. He used his creativity to find loopholes to develop a pact with Asmodeus that stole the power he needed to win his freedom without giving anything to evil. Now he quests to find more arcane knowledge to fight for good. In the city of Waterdeep, he encountered an infernal cult and determined to save any he could, including a kobold companion who sold his soul to the lord of Hell for power to defeat evil.

Corebit looks much like an overly tall young shield dwarf, with a gray beard and tattoos covering his scalp. Although wrapped in chainmail, he carries no weapon but a knife. He makes no secret of his studies of the dark arts, and is cheerfully accepting of all who utilize whatever means that serve the greater good, even as he tries to watch out for the costs. In battle, he strikes a balance between unstoppable force and immovable object, striking brutally with his blade of annihilation while using soul energy to mitigate what damage gets through his armor and parrying rod.

Alerion, Corebit Delzoun (mul 1 warlock)

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