de Coteaz, Tomás (human 8 paladin)

Inquisitive hunter of chaos


Cover illustration of Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz from Codex: Daemonhunters


Tomás de Coteaz was born to a Tethyrian family under the yoke of genasi rule in Calimshan. He came to the faith of Torm in his quest for power to fight elemental foes. Although his chief project is rooting out the spoor of the south, he also has set up a safe house in Elturgard, where he has a network of contacts through the Lion’s Den merchant consortium. He did not join the ruling Order of Torm there due to evidence of corruption he found early on, which turned out to be much worse than he realized.

Tomás is a human with a bald pate, dressing in plate armor with the gauntlet of Torm emblazoned on his shield. He wears an orb of light that was looted from the lair of a lich but seems only to follow the faith of its wearer. Although not as hale as he once was, he has a sharp mind for investigation and battle prayer.

de Coteaz, Tomás (human 8 paladin)

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