Vile-Tis (revenant 7 warden)

"You'll always be below us on the food chain until you start eating us, too."


Image of a half-vampire gnoll by Steve Prescott from Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead


Vile-Tis is a philosopher of the simple ways of nature. The first rule of nature is, the strong devour the weak. But through his pack mentality, he is willing to work with the relatively strong to show their combined power. As a scavenger, he attacks wherever the opportunity presents itself and even provides an opening for his betas to get a bite in once in a while. Although he will use any power he can gather on his own, he scorns those who take patron deities and warlock pacts to rely on those greater than themselves. A skirmish with the Sixth Starfall adventuring company drew his eye to the demonic blood that curses his race, and he found more common cause with the Way, although he thinks of Dagg as a bit too tame and compassionate.

Vile-Tis came to an adventuring career after the primal peoples of the Reaching Woods were quarantined by the paladins of Elturgard. Over the next few years, the gnolls conquered the elves and other prey and took them for their larders. But as the prey-creatures dwindled below the demand, Vile-Tis chose to break out as a vanguard for the necessary expansion of his people.

He managed to escape the blockade while the paladins were occupied with a major offensive of plaguechanged creatures. He was touched by the Spellplague and should have gone to Kelemvor’s judgment, but somehow he still lives after a fashion, all the more powerful for his spellscar. The touch of the plague drew him to Neverwinter, where he encountered and fought more cultists of a pompous otherworldly power. He was hired by a shadar-kai ranger named Lucan to travel to Helm’s Hold, originally to ask for a merchant to be allowed to visit his wife, but ultimately to kill the merchant and various other weaklings. He was killed again by a dragon controlled by the pathetic city-dweller, but revived by the Prophet Rohini and managed to help slaughter the ousted War Wizard Elden Vargas and defeat his wife and dragon.

Later, Vile-Tis continued to show the city-dwellers how it was done by rooting out Ashmadai, personally slaughtering Addemios Three-Dawn. But in the road to that point, he was given resurrection sickness (once by the cultists who kidnapped the suspected silverstar and once by Favria’s forces) and stuck with a brutal curse by Mnemnia the spiderkin hag. Refusing the help of the church of Sehanine Moonbow, he continued to suffer through his weaknesses.

Vile-Tis (revenant 7 warden)

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