Runner of ruins

Elf 10
Adept 25
Attributes 60
Body 6(9) 12
Quickness 6(7) 12
Strength 6 12
Charisma 1(3) 2
Intelligence 5 10
Willpower 6 12
Active Skills 30
Athletics 9(11) 9
Biotech 5 5
Edged Weapons 3 (Survival Knife 5) 4
Pistols 4 (Ruger Super Redhawk 6) 5
Stealth 7 7
Knowledge Skills 0
Background: Conjuring 3
Interest: Free Running 3
Interest: Urban Exploration 3
Sixth World: Elven Society 3
Sixth World: Paranormal Animals 3
Sixth World: Puyallup Barrens 2
Sixth World: Redmond Barrens 3
Sixth World: Salish-Sidhe Council 3
Sixth World: Tir Tairngire 2
Language Skills 0
English 4
Lushootseed 1
Sperethiel 2
Read/Write English 2
Read/Write Sperethiel 1
5,000¥ 0
Edges 6
Double-Jointed (–1 target modifier for Athletics (Escape Artist)) 1
Perceptive (–1 target modifier for Perception) 3
Sense of Direction (can always identify north and retrace path) 1
Resistance to Pathogens (+1 Body vs. disease) 1
Flaw –6
Borrowed Time (die dramatically in 3D6 months) –6
Body Control (+1 die to Resistance Tests vs. toxins/diseases) 1 0.25
Enhanced Perception (+1 die to Perception Tests) 1 0.5
Great Leap (+3 dice to Jumping Tests, effective Quickness for distance; –6m effective fallen distance*) [MS150] 3 0.75
Improved Ability (Athletics) 2 0.5
Improved Physical Attribute (Body) 3 1.5
Improved Sense (Direction Sense (Perception (4) to find direction and above or below ground), Thermographic Vision) 0.5
Mystic Armor (2 points of Impact Armor) 2 1
Sixth Sense (+1 die to Reaction Tests for Surprise) [MS151] 1 0.25
Temperature Tolerance (+1 die vs. extreme temperature) [MS151] 1 0.25
Traceless Walk (walk over brittle solids without tracks, won’t trip ground sensors, +4 TN to hear) [MS151] 0.5

*House-ruled to combine Freefall and Great Leap for one cost

Gear Concealability Shots/Reach Damage Weight
Ruger Super Warhawk 4 6 ©, SS 10M 2.5
Survival knife 6 0 8L 0.75
Throwing knife 9 0 6L 0.25
Seven regular .44 Mag rounds (plus possibly more from the O’Malley armory) 8 0.5+
Ordinary clothing 1

LEVEL 1 CONTACT: A childhood friend from the Cénesté who defected from the SSC to Tir Tairngire

LEVEL 1 CONTACT: Some crazy hermit from the Redmond Barrens (apparently lost his mind due to working at Microsoft in ’29)


Goronagit was one of the earlier elven births of the Sixth World, so his family ended up joining the pinkskin Sinsearach in the Salish-Sidhe Council to protect him. Even then, he felt unwelcome after the secession of Tir Tairngire, as he was known to have had close friends among the Cénesté. He eventually forsook even tribal ties and took to wandering the Redmond Barrens alone, reveling in the bones of fallen society. Although his knowledge of the spirits is all second-hand, his innate magical capabilities serve him well in his hobbies-turned-livelihood, free running and urban exploration.

Even those who claim to know him are puzzled about the fact that he has deigned to work with Johnsons (possibly even megacorps) as a runner. Apparently something has happened recently that gave him a need for a get-rich-quick scheme, but he isn’t sharing, other than in an off-hand comment about an encounter with a fellow elf athletics adept who had a one-way ticket implanted in his head. In any case, his choice to brand himself with a polysyllabic Sperethiel street name has already resulted in his being further nicknamed “Git” (by those using dialects from Tír na nÓg), “Gorō,” or “Goron” (by users of decadent electronic entertainment).


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