Reaper (wood elf 4 cleric)

Grim cleric of autumn and winter


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Reaper, wood elf cleric of the Raven Queen, was first seen in Duponde the day after the Shadowfall, tending to the wounds of her colleague Valenae. From that point, she accompanied the couriers in the wounded cleric’s place, proving a less friendly but still essential rôle in the party’s endeavors to untangle the web of dark magic left by Evard and Vontarin. Between them, the priestesses and the other adventurers managed to save the town of Duponde, but Reaper was lost in the Plane of Shadow. She eventually found her way to an alternate world known as Toril, where she was taken in by the clergy of Sehanine Moonbow, the aspect of Selûne who guides elven souls to their final rest. She soon encountered one such fallen near Mossbridges and put it to rest, but found herself compelled to take up the deceased’s quest of protecting the innocent in Vesperin. Her work against undead has also turned up rumors of an eladrin lich named Valindra. Even if this necromancer is but a shadow of her belovèd sister from the alternate world, it is her duty to fight such mockery of the natural way of life and death.

Where some elves are carefree and flighty, Reaper is dour and gloomy, keeping to the shadows at the edge of a camp or common room, always keenly watching for trouble. She wears a dark cloak and loincloth over chainmail and carries a ceremonial scythe and a longbow. The one bright swatch on her canvas is a white cloth she ties around her arm. Although she is willing to help others toward a shared goal of laying undead to rest, she speaks little of herself or her origins. Although she is suspicious of others, she has learned the hard way that she must cooperate with others to be able to survive in the midst of the death and decay that fuel her powers. Her time on the dark side has made shadow part of her being, aiding her forays in the unknown but making her feel even more detached from people of both Faerie and Toril.

Reaper (wood elf 4 cleric)

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