Archlords of the Realms

Chapter 10: Transitions

MYRE3-1 Transitions

Horn, Vanchu, Bragon, Grr, Lucan, and a mage accepted a job from Lady Sala Nidris to pick up an ancient dwarven sarcophagus from the Sons of Alagondar in an unprotected zone of Neverwinter for a museum in Almraiven. They found a dwarf and the item at the meet site, but were soon attacked by the faction’s kraken, who had escaped through the Chasm and spouted cryptic telepathic warnings. It mauled the two berserkers, but their meat-shielding and blows helped subdue it. To the dwarf’s disappointment, the kraken was killed by the mage’s running fountain of flame before they could drag its unconscious form out. The heroes completed their transaction, but they never found out what had driven the aberration even madder than usual.



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