Archlords of the Realms


Big Band, Chel’Gal, Drusila, and Kourage approached the snake-decorated archway and found an egg chamber guarded by broodguards. While they were fighting, a yuan-ti warlock also appeared and revived the stone snakes. Still, the heroes managed to slay all their enemies. While disposing of the eggs, they found a crippled mummy, but he didn’t give them any information about the tomb. The Uthgardt became worried about the many supernatural occurrences.

After a rest, Kourage asked Afkor to investigate the king’s sarcophagus. The priest immediately fell into a hidden pit of blades. After healing himself, he ran low on magic, so he elected to return to staying back. Meanwhile, the heroes finally discovered a way forward.


Chel’Gal, Drusila, Kaydence, Kourage, and Mire left Boareskyr Bridge once more and traveled north into the Serpent Hills in search of the Dungeon of Swords and Thardresk Tomb. They were soon attacked by a bulette from below, but managed to kill it. While resting, they saw another group approaching, which turned out to be a band of Uthgardt who had been searching for a tomb in the area. They agreed not to bother one another. When two stone giants were spotted lying in wait, each party slew one of them, without the Uthgardt noticing who was doing the magic stuff.

Reaching the old gnome mine, the adventurers heard movement in the tunnels below but found no one at the entrance. Going inside, they found the crevasse where it had broken into the old Anaurian tomb.

Afkor had used up two 2nd-level spell slots and one 1st-level.


Chel’Gal, Drusila, Kourage, and Mire continued north to scout the Mines of Dekanter. As they approached, they encountered a group of laertis, who said that they were not expected and should leave. Negotations eventually broke down, and most were slain, one captured by the monk. As others near the mine entrance started to notice the commotion, Mire sent his familiar to distract them. Before being swatted back to the Feywild, it spied a dozen giants and many times that number of Dekanter goblins and laertis. The necromancer sent the corpses of the slain patrol to create a diversion while the heroes backed off.

Making camp nearby, they interrogated the surviving laerti. After Afkor informed him that he was working for a mind flayer, the descendant of slaves was willing to tell what he knew about the various forces gathered under the Beast Lord. Meanwhile, the hobgoblins from Mishka’s Warren in the High Moor passed by, and the adventurers spoke with them. They seemed happy with their deal to go to battle alongside the Beast Lord’s troops, so Mire used a suggestion to send them off with a little influence. The laerti was also released to spread dissent among his people.

Going back to the Tor of Swords, the team rested while Afkor and Erjka sent sendings to civilization. With others informed and trying to muster support, Afkor suggested that they work on trying to undermine the Beast Lord’s alliance. There were rumors of unrest in southwestern Najara, so they went back south to the road and circled around toward there, while also moving closer to Mishka’s Warren in the west.


Chel’Gal, Drusila, and Mire approached the tower, supported by Afkor. Under the cliff, they found a mass of leeches that attacked them, and were also attacked by vine blights, but managed to defeat their foes. Mire sent his raven through a window into the currently lowest level of the tower, but it was destroyed by some sort of mist.

Consequently, Mire decided to fly to the former front door (now on the underside of the cliff) and tie a rope to a bannister in the entryway so the others could join him. As they discussed their next move, magma mephits flew from the basement and attacked. When they were destroyed, the tower shook, and dirt started to fall loose from its foundations.

The angry vampire appeared from the great hall and crawled along the walls to attack, although his stirges were quickly dispatched. As Mire enlarged Drusila to fight the climbing vampire, the crimson mist wafted up to join, draining several of the heroes. Drusila was briefly grabbed and bitten by the vampire before she threw him off and the combined damage and suppression of his healing finished him. Just to make sure, they impaled, decapitated, and inside-outed him.

By searching the area, the heroes managed to find a large amount of coin and a potion. Afkor suggested that the vampire’s grave dust might have been melted into the stone of the tower, so they went outside and took pot shots at it until it fell into the marsh. Then he asked the heroes to help him scout what defenses the Mines of Dekanter might have.


Chel’Gal, Drusila, Gus, Kourage, Mire, and Unedus met up outside Hardbuckler, then told the guards that they sought a safe place for the soul siphon. While Afkor finalized his examination of the item at the inn, the others approached one Daelia Inchtarwurn, the local expert on magical defenses. She said she was better at protecting people’s possessions in storage and sent a message to paladins of Elturgard, who said they would send a team to take the item in custody, reaching Hardbuckler in two days.

Having finished the study of the soul siphon, Afkor mentioned that he had noticed a similar magical signature coming from elsewhere in Hardbuckler. Going to the location, the team found a hospice and a local tavern. They took a tour of the hospice, confirming that someone had died there lately, and Chel’Gal noticed a magical aura through the wall, beneath the tavern. Inside, the group had a bag containing Kourage put into storage in the basement, but Kourage was unable to open the other boxes or carry them out conveniently. Chel’Gal and Drusila staged a fight, distracting the locals while Gus snuck downstairs and filled his bag of holding with as many boxes as he could. They then returned to the inn and opened them. One contained a four liquid shadow creatures and an iron cobra, which attacked but were brought down. Another soul siphon was found at the bottom of the same box.

There was some suggestion that the team could return all the other boxes and claim that they were just trying to remove the evil item, but they instead voted to steal everything and flee town. They rode north toward the Marsh of Chelimber, where purportedly dwelled a vampire whom Kzar the Red Wizard had implicated in the murder in Baldur’s Gate. After a stop at the Tor of Swords, they waded to Dunkapple Castle. A catoblepas was hanging around nearby, so Drusila tried to befriend it with catnip, but she was grazed by its death gaze, so they killed it.


On their way out of Thlohtzin, Chel’Gal and Drusila stopped by the last guest suite to see if anyone knew what Athas had done with the little black box. When the heroes mentioned that they wanted to destroy the box, Dekanter goblins opened the door and said that they wanted to destroy the heroes. After slaughtering the last sellers and freeing the last slave (a cameo by Stan Lee), the adventurers decamped to Boareskyr Bridge (handing the Red Wizard Kzar over to the paladins), where Afkor used speak with dead to interrogate the skulls of Athas and the Dekanter goblin interpreter. Apparently, Athas had given the box to the goblins, who had sent their number up the Serpent’s Tail Stream on foot toward the Beast Lord in the Mines of Dekanter. The team promptly used their payment to buy horses and set off in pursuit.

As they were crossing at the river fork, they saw a scattering of gemstones in the shallows of the Winding Water. As Drusila dismounted to grab a handful, a deathcoils sprung from the underbrush of the Forest of Wyrms. It manage to get close enough to attack with its sleep gas, unhorsing Chel’Gal. Drusila was willing to drop the gems in favor of grabbing Chel’Gal so they could ride off before the snake caught its breath.

The heroes were easily able to catch the lone Dekanter goblin courier and overpower him, leaving him for dead to avoid feeding his soul to the box. They then headed east to a sanctuary known by one of their freed slaves: Haela’s Hall at the Tor of Swords. On the way, they were attacked by a yuan-ti hunter and his ophidian beaters. Although Drusila and Chel’gal were both seriously injured by accurate poisoned arrows, they managed to kill the serpentfolk and reach the hostel run by Erjka, the last surviving bloodmaiden of Haela Brightaxe. After resting for the night, they went south to take the box to safety in the Trielta Hills.


Chel’Gal, Kourage, and Mire burst in on Athas, striking him down quickly. Two will o’ wisps attacked them, but were fought off. One killed Athas for his life force, then fleeing, but it was shot down by the Sun Soul just before it could break into another suite.

As the heroes prepared to check the last suite for anyone to mug, they were approached by one of the snakemen, who mentioned their concerns about the adventurers killing all their other trading partners. They talked to the yuan-ti nightmare speaker in charge, but it dissolved into a bloody battle. After the heroes had slaughtered most of the guards and suffered serious injuries, the speaker offered a truce if they would leave. They managed to convince her to throw in some treasure as well.


Gus Hew, Unedus, and Mire continued to track slavers along the Sword Coast, traveling from Baldur’s Gate to the slave market of Thlohtzin, where they sought two things. One was Afkor, an agent who had been researching soul-sucking magic items before being captured. The other was a Red Wizard named Kzar who had been implicated in a murder in the Gate.

Approaching the ruined tower, they were admitted by the dwarf Durg Earthforge, who said that there were already other merchants staying there, so they would have to take unfinished underground quarters. As soon as he was gone, the heroes investigated the hallway and market area, then barged into another lit room, pretending to be drunk. It was occupied by a Thayan knight and Red Wizard, so they started a fight and defeated them. Durg noticed but seemed not to mind.

After a rest, Gus and Unedus went to an auction, while Mire watched the wizard, copied his spellbook, and boiled the knight’s flesh off her bones. Afkor turned out to be the slave, sold by a half-orc named Athas. A humanoid with claws and a rhino-like face said that the Beast Master was interested in unusual creatures, not in brains, so the bidding was between the adventurers and a yuan-ti representative. The heroes won with a bid of 110 gold pieces.

Afkor told them that Athas had been cut loose by Zhentarim leadership. Also, the half-orc had taken the magic item from him. The team prepared to confront the slaver, but first, Mire used a suggestion to send Durg outside, looting his valuables in the meantime.


Gus Hew, Rubedo, and Unedus were sent by the Adventurers’ Guild to investigate a family worried about the mark of the tendril. They investigated a barrow mound nearby and found a revenant angry about his grave having been defiled by the family. The heroes convinced him and his descendants to let them handle it. They returned all the stolen relics (and stole the family’s live savings), then ran the culprits (two family patriarchs) out of town.


Calvin, Eghan, Natalya, and Quinn were asked by Afkor to investigate the Church of the Last Hope. They spoke with the attendants, Rhonda and the Deacon, then broke in after hours and discovered a mysterious box hidden in the wall. Afkor told them it was a device for siphoning souls to an unknown destination; he took it to confer further with contacts outside Baldur’s Gate.

After following the coffin of the Last Hope’s latest suicide customer (one Fist Grazzt Do’Urden), the team took a tour of the ossuary of Ilmater, which was next-door to the Candulhallow family’s hearse company. They then looked into Grazzt’s background, speaking with his squad leader (Gauntlet Manuel) and convincing his landlord to let them take his journal and his book of contacts. All pointed to someone who had been under stress after a vain raid on a haunted house known as Mandorcai’s Mansion. However, although that had been a number of years ago, Grazzt noted his depression having grown worse shortly before his death.


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