Archlords of the Realms


Gus Hew, Rubedo, and Unedus were sent by the Adventurers’ Guild to investigate a family worried about the mark of the tendril. They investigated a barrow mound nearby and found a revenant angry about his grave having been defiled by the family. The heroes convinced him and his descendants to let them handle it. They returned all the stolen relics (and stole the family’s live savings), then ran the culprits (two family patriarchs) out of town.


Calvin, Eghan, Natalya, and Quinn were asked by Afkor to investigate the Church of the Last Hope. They spoke with the attendants, Rhonda and the Deacon, then broke in after hours and discovered a mysterious box hidden in the wall. Afkor told them it was a device for siphoning souls to an unknown destination; he took it to confer further with contacts outside Baldur’s Gate.

After following the coffin of the Last Hope’s latest suicide customer (one Fist Grazzt Do’Urden), the team took a tour of the ossuary of Ilmater, which was next-door to the Candulhallow family’s hearse company. They then looked into Grazzt’s background, speaking with his squad leader (Gauntlet Manuel) and convincing his landlord to let them take his journal and his book of contacts. All pointed to someone who had been under stress after a vain raid on a haunted house known as Mandorcai’s Mansion. However, although that had been a number of years ago, Grazzt noted his depression having grown worse shortly before his death.

Chapter 29 Finale: The Maimed God

MYRE3-2 The Maimed God

Primrose, alf, Therod, and Owen Redgate tracked down and destroyed Vigo the Calishite, rescuing the Resurrectionist and preventing the return of Cyric in the process.

Chapter 28: Shadow Tricks

Justiciar D’Estroya, Luckbringer Luck, Primrose, alf, and Therod managed to make an alliance with the Netherese Embassy to prepare for their confrontation with Vigo the Calishite.

Chapter 27: Eye Spy

MYRE3-2 Eye Spy

Justiciar D’Estroya, Primrose, alf, and Therod stopped a fomorian plot, while never finding out much of what it was.

Chapter 26: Selethmeldoom

MYRE4-1 Selethmeldoom

Justiciar D’Estroya, Primrose, Alf, and Therod freed the aboleth, then slew the lich.

Chapter 25: What Lies Beneath

Justicar D’Estroya, Ms. ~kri, Luckbringer Luck, Primrose, alf, and Therod infiltrated Adder’s Heart and slew the serpent lord Skek’na.

Chapter 24: Tricolor Sisters

Justiciar D’Estroya, Primrose, alf, and luke managed to defeat the minor annoyance of a dragon army led by an aspect of Tiamat.

Chapter 23: Dragon Hunt

MYRE3-2 Dragon Hunt

Justiciar D’Estroya, Primrose, Alf, and Owen Redgate successfully slaughtered the family of silver dragons and looted its hoard.

Chapter 22: Forked Tongues

MYRE3-1 Forked Tongues

Justiciar D’Estroya, Primrose, Alf, and Therod defeated an insidious cell of the Cult of the Dragon and slew its dracolich.


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